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Income Generating Schools

San Francisco Agricultural High School, Paraguay

Run by the Fundacion Paraguaya this organic farm school is aiming at 100% financial self-sufficiency, and is already covering over half of costs through income generating activities.
- San Francisco Agricultural High School
- Short video on the San Francisco Agricultural High School

Songhai Centre, Benin

The Songhai Centre runs six schools across Benin and one in Nigeria and aims at full financial independence achieved through marketing of school products & services.
- Songhai Centre website

Baraka Agricultural College, Kenya

In support of its mission to promote Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, Baraka maintains four income generating units which complement its educational work in a number of ways.
- Baraka Agricultural College

Green School

Delivering a generation of global citizens who are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world.
- Green School website.


Agricultural News

Agricultural Research

Agricultural Support Organizations

  • The Growing Connection - An FAO program promoting sustainable small scale food production
  • Urban Agriculture
  • USAID Agriculture NEW!!- voluntary technical assistance to farmers, farm groups and agribusinesses in developing / transitional countries to promote sustainable improvements in food security and agricultural processing, production, and marketing.
  • NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project - Access to publications that promote conservation in the agricultural sector. The site can also be viewed in Spanish.

Agricultural Sectors



  • Apimondia - Comprehensive site on beekeeping globally


  • The Coffee Guide - detailed information on the international coffee trade for those working in the  industry such as exporters, importers, and coffee authorities


  • The Fish Site - Huge amount of free news, information & research on fish-farming
  • World Fish Center - Aquaculture for poverty reduction: news, reseach etc.

Special Interest:

  • Vetiver Network - The Vetiver System is low cost and extremely effective system for soil and water conservation, infrastructure stabilization, pollution control, waste water treatment, mitigation and prevention of storm damage and many other applications. You never knew vetiver grass could have so many uses!


Educational Materials & Resources

  • Commonwealth of Learning - Range of resources with heavy focus on open / distance learning
  • Connecting Classrooms - Collaborative projects for learners, professional development for practitioners.
  • I School - Resources for primary, secondary, college and university education in Zambia.
  • Next Vista - Free online library of video resources for learners everywhere
  • Open Learning Platform - UNESCO site with large number of education resources RECOMMENDED!
  • Practical Action- Practical Action  is a development charity with a difference. We know the simplest ideas can have the most profound, life-changing effect on poor people across the world.
  • World Virtual School - the highest quality online courses, at the lowest cost possible.
  • Experiential Learning - Resources and downloadable training modules for proactive learning.
  • E-Learning for Kids - Courses and games in Maths, Science, Health, Langauage etc. for children aged 5-12 years.
  • Khan Academy - Resources for educators and students in Science and Humanities.
  • EcoEd - Economics and Finance resources for K12
  • ILO - International Labour Organization articles on youth entrepreneurship.
  • Know About Business - The ILO The Know About Business programme is designed to promote awareness among young people aged 15 to 25 years of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Educational Networks

Education Support Organizations & Initiatives



Blogs on Entrepreneurship

  • Timbuktu Chronicles - A veritable goldmine of articles on entrepreneurship and small-scale technology with a social edge.

Links to More Links!


Youth Related

  • Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Portal - space for practitioners to gather, learn and share about youth-inclusive financial services (i.e. helping young people save, borrow and learn about personal finance).



How To Guides

  • Fundraising Toolkit - Great guide on fundraising from the British Council as part of their Global Changemakers program
  • Collins Group Consulting firm for NFP organizations with some useful resource guides
  • Aplos Fundraising guide for non-profits 

Fundraising online

  • Raise Funds Non-profit fundraising resource.
  • Give Meaning - Build your own online fundraising community to support your project. This easy-to-use site offers a chance for NGOs based in developing countries to fundraise internationally online for their development initiatives.
  • The Latin America Donor Index - information about giving to projects in Latin America and the Caribbean in one place.
  • The Star Impact Awards - an annual award of $100,000 - plus consultancy support - for organisations showing excellence in services to disadvantaged children.
  • Grant Makers Online - Free online database of grant makers. Use to identify potential funders in a particular country or region.

Foundations which accept applications direct from local NGOs

  • The Emerging Markets Foundation - US Foundation supporting local NGOs in select developing countries (see their list) working in education and several other areas
  • The Global Fund for Children - Makes small grants to innovative community-based organizations working with some of the world’s most vulnerable children and youth.
  • The Cottonwood Foundation - This foundation focuses its funding on grass roots organizations - in over 50 countries - relying strongly on volunteers and where support

In Kind Donations

NGO Management & Capacity Building

Finance & Accounting

  • Mango - Management Accounting for NGOs (Mango) is a UK NGO whose website contains a wealth of material on good financial management for small to medium sized NGOs in developing countries - including a free simple to use Excel based accounting system. See their resources & publications sections for more info.


International Development

  • Ananda Foundation - grants of 500 USD to 5,000 USD for projects affecting women and childrenn, and orphans, street children, child labourers, rural communities, slum communities, persons with disabilities and persons affected by HIV.
  • Barefoot Guide - a DIY guide - free to download - for leaders / facilitators to help organisations to function in more healthy, human and effective ways and contribute to a more humane society
  • Capaciteria - A large database of NGO resources from Accounting to Volunteer Management
  • Development Gateway - huge online community for the international development community with vast database of resources & range of newsletters
  • Eldis - download free more than 26,000 summarised documents from over 7,500 development organisations, on development, inc. resources (toolkits, guides etc.) & research.
  • Idealist.org - Links to useful resources for non profits neatly categorized (fundraising, technology etc.)
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • One World Trust - promoting good practice through codes of conduct, certification schemes, reporting frameworks, directories and awards.
  • SEED -A global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green ecconomy. SEED supports innovative small-scale and locally driven entrepreneurships around the globe.
  • United Nations Development Programme - Good development and policy practices on issues of poverty among developing countries.
  • Practical Action - An organisation that promotes sustainable technology to challenge poverty. Browse their publications or ask a question!
  • Kopernik - An online technology marketplace.
  • Marios Cleovoulou - Hay Sacks as an alternative, environmentally sustainable method of cooking. See 'Wonderbag' blog below for more info.
  • Asset Based Community Development Institution - Resources to build community capacity.

Networks & Newsletters

  • Global Links Initiative - An network of social actors seeking to inspire each other
  • Social Edge - Informative & entertaining newsletter informing and connecting social entrepreneurs.

Blogs on International Development


UK Networks supported by  Teach A Man To Fish

  • BOND - British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND) is the UK's broadest network of voluntary organisations working in international development. It aims to improve the UK's contribution to international development by promoting the exchange of experience, ideas and information.
  • Trade Justice Movement - The Trade Justice Movement unites over 80 member organisations with more than 9 million members campaigning for fundamental change to the unjust rules and institutions governing international trade, so that trade is made to work for all.

General Resources

  • Charity Facts - General information about UK charities
  • Go Self-Sufficient - Resources about low-cost energy, growing food, etc.
  • GSBI Video blog - Nik Kafka on revolutionizing rural education through school businesses - both to teach critical productive skills to students and also to produce income for schools to become self-sustaining.
  • Institute of Fundraising (UK) - Information about fundraising from the UK's professional body for fundraising.
  • Kyoto Energy - working to make solar energy the most cost effective form of energy as it is already by far the most benign and plentiful
  • Non-profit hub - Resources on topics like advocacy, development, fundraising and so on.
  • Travolution - a global portal enabling local communities anywhere in the world to market their services to travellers. Travolution reinvests 90% of its profits into the local communities it works with.
  • Voluntourism - supports the well-being and progression toward self-reliance of families and children in the US / Mexico Border Region of Northern Baja.

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