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Supporting Partners to Succeed

Creating a new sustainable education initiative or transforming an existing institution is a major undertaking, and one where timely advice based on experience can make all the difference between success and failure.

Over the last 10 years Teach A Man To Fish has worked with a number of organisations to create and implement plans for developing sustainable education institutions.

From Rwanda to Nicaragua to Afghanistan, our support has made, and continues to make a real difference in bridging the gap between having a vision for a better kind of education, and having a plan for making that vision a reality.

Via Don Bosco, Mali
The St. Jean Bosco Centre, Sikasso is an independent technical and vocational training school for over 450 students in southern Mali. In February 2015, Teach A Man To Fish began working with the school to achieve its goal of developing their current workshops in electricity, metalwork and mechanics into profitable and educational businesses. 
Teach A Man To Fish provided instensive training and advice to a mixed group of 20 teachers and students on how to plan and start a business. This training included how to write a simply budget and advice on how to deal with risks that might affect their particular businesses. Participants also gained practical, hands-on experience, visiting and interviewing potential clients and local business experts, and conducting market research.   
The school is currently preparing to launch their businesses.

La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture and Tourism, Nicaragua

Teach A Man To Fish was approached by a commercial coffee estate to develop plans for a Technical Centre, combining a High School academic education with technical and entrepreneurial skills development through school enterprises. The college opened in early 2009 with a mix of agricultural and hospitality businesses.

Teach A Man To Fish has had staff based at the school for the last 5 years to support with the implementation of their business plan and currently have a tourism specialist supporting the development of their hotel and ecotourism business.

Our recent graduate survey found that over 90% of graduates are in further study or in a well-paying job six months after graduating, well above the national average. The school covers 85% of its running costs through its school businesses and is on track to becoming 100% financially self-sufficient by 2016.


People In Need, Afghanistan 

Teach A Man To Fish partnered with ‘People In Need’ Afghanistan during 2012 and 2013 to train field staff in business plan research and writing. The PIN staff then trained and supported staff from 3 schools to plan 3 businesses with continued support from Teach A Man To Fish. The schools started poultry and dairy businesses. We have since supported PIN staff during 2014 on business implementation as the school businesses have progressed and grown.

Fabretto Children’s Foundation, School Cooperatives Project, Nicaragua

Fabretto Children’s Foundation, based in Managua, works with education, nutrition, community development and entrepreneurship to improve livelihoods in Nicaragua.  They contracted Teach A Man To Fish in 2012 to work with two of their schools which have set up student-teacher cooperatives. This is part of a wider project to generate income and jobs for students and diversify local economies.

The goal was to complete a diagnostic of each cooperative and then collaboratively write a strategic plan and business plans for each through a series of workshops involving the cooperative members over several months. Special emphasis was placed on the skills gained by cooperative members throughout the project and a participatory approach was employed. This meant that the cooperatives were guided through a process of writing their own business plans, thus ensuring that members received training and have a real sense of ownership of the resulting business plans. Plans were developed for a jewellery, compost, eggs, handicrafts, honey and a bakery business. Several of these have funding available and are due to launch in 2013, others, such as jewellery, are already up and running and are showing good initial success.      

Ilowola Secondary School – Tanzania

In 2013 Teach A Man To Fish in 2012 provided training and consultancy to Ilowola Secondary School, a boarding school for over 300 students located in the Njombe region in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Having successfully participated in the School Enterprise Challenge the previous year, setting up a bee-keepiung business and winning the 'Planet' prize, they wanted to plan a number of larger profitable businesses. Teach A Man To Fish facilitated a fortnight of workshops and activities to create a full business plan for four new businesses, including timber production, grain storage and a butchers, and the expansion of three existing small businesses. 

GauriShanker Lower Secondary School - Nepal

Teach A Man To Fish worked with local community members in 2012 to develop a business plan to establish businesses to support Gauri Shanker Lower Secondary School in Nepal. The school is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and is close to several trekking routes, and the business ideas therefore centred around voluntourism and trekking. Plans were also written for several other businesses, including egg production. The project was supported by a Teach A Man To Fish Field Officer for the first 6 months of implementation, followed by support from Restless Development, Nepal.

Pan-American Health Service, Escuela Técnica Vocacional, Nicaragua

The managing director of Pan-American Health Service, a nutrition and education NGO based in northern Honduras, attended the Teach A Man To Fish conference in Nicaragua in October 2011. 

Following his experience at the conference he invited Teach A Man To Fish to develop a business plan for the technical vocational school run by the NGO in Peña Blanca. We conducted a field visit in March 2012 and worked with the school to create the business plan before then recruiting a Field Officer to support the implementation of the project.

The Field Officer has been at the site since September 2012 and we are seeing good progress with converting the existing school areas (carpentry, wood carving, car mechanic and sewing) into profitable businesses, as well as setting up a new tourism business. Read more about this school

Ahazaza Independent School – Rwanda

In August of 2011 Teach A Man To  Fish supported Ahazaza Primary School,  a private school in Gitarama, Rwanda, to develop an Organisational Management and Business Planning document. The business plan focused on a conference and event centre, an internet café and a travel company. 

Dianova Institute – Nicaragua

The Dianova Institute is very similar in nature to the successful project we have partnered with at the Centro Técnico Agropecuario La Bastilla. Dianova contacted Teach A Man To Fish after having visited La Bastilla and in July 2011 we carried out the fieldwork for a business plan for this secondary school which wanted to add agricultural businesses and begin to teach a national agro-business curriculum. The business plan was completed in September 2011 and the school began to implement in spring of 2012. In 2014 the school was able to offer its first agricultural courses to students. The businesses include egg and dairy production, crops, carpentry and fruit trees. Dianova has also participated in the School Enterprise Challenge, winning the best student enterprise in Nicaragua prize for their fantastic handicrafts business! 

Into Your Hands – St. Denis Project, Makondo, Uganda

Introduced to the U.S. based non-profit organization Into Your Hands by a mutual contact, Teach A Man To Fish was contracted to provide technical assistance for the development of a school business plan in April 2009. St.Denis Secondary School is a church run institution with 250 students, a majority of which being HIV/AIDS orphans require annual sponsorship – arranged by Into Your Hands - to meet their fees.. The School Store, Grain Mill, Dairy Business, Plantain Plantation launched in early 2010. 


Ondati School Committee – Ondati Girls School, Ondati Village, Kenya

Having previously sponsored a small scale project at a nearby primary school, the community in Ondati turned to Teach A Man To Fish to assist with developing a sustainable secondary school to meet the need for girls education in the district.

Planning work began in October 2008, and construction of the school began in July 2009. Grain Storage, Dairy Farming, Pineapple Cultivation and Beekeeping all began in 2010.

Supporting you

If your organisation is looking to create a sustainable education initiative, and if you believe you have the financial capacity to get such a project off the ground, please get in touch to see how we can support turning your vision into reality!   

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