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Rwanda: Planning makes perfect...

December is a very busy month at Ahazaza Independent School. We are currently on school break but that does not mean resting, it means planning, planning and more planning for 2012! But planning makes perfect...or at least we like to think so...

Nicaragua: Class of 2011 - meet the graduates of La Bastilla!

As we celebrated our second ever graduation from La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School this month, I thought it would be great to share with you the profiles of our graduates and what they hope to go on and do after life at the school.


Uganda: The end of term.

In Uganda, the academic year begins in in February and ends at the end of November. This means that students have their longest holiday of two months over the Christmas period in preparation for moving to their next class in the new academic year.

Uganda: A volunteer's experience.


I’m Giulia, I’m 22 and I’m studying biotechnology in Milan and Paris. I’m studying malaria, a big deal in Africa. The past summer I’ve been in Makondo and Ondati as a “Teach a Man to Fish” volunteer, teaching the secondary school students a health course and running computer training.

Rwanda: Cyiza Aubin an IT Mogul in the making?


An example to his peers, Cyiza joined Ahazaza in 2006 when it first opened. Since then he has been top of his class, having also excelled in all performance arts activities. He tells us that it did not all come naturally: 

November at La Bastila - Final Year Business Plan Presentations!!!


As part of their last year of classes at La Bastilla, we felt that the final year students should learn about how to write a business plan and over the course of the second semester write their own plan to present as part of their graduation. The students mostly worked in pairs and chose a range of businesses including chickens, coffee cultivation, pig breeding, vegetables, a bakery and an internet café! Having taken classes since July and progressively written the various sections of their plan, the last week in November was chosen for the presentations.  

October at La Bastilla - the Teach A Man To Fish annual conference!

October was an extremely exciting month here at La Bastilla as we prepared to host the 5th international Teach A Man To Fish conference; Educ

Kenya: Akeyo's Story

Kenya: November's news...

The rain just keeps coming and Ondati feels like an island in a sea of mud. However, this doesn’t stop progress and a lot has happened this month.

The beginning of the month was exam time and the boarders could be seen studying late in the classrooms late into the night under the light of a new battery bought with project income. The students kept up their hard work in the projects, despite the academic pressures, illustrating that partaking in the school businesses is becoming a routine for Ondati girls.

Bolivia: The Class of 2011

The end of 2011, brings with it the end of another school year and the graduation of five of CEAA’s students. Ernesto, Fabian, Carlos, José and Zenón have spent the last three years learning how to look after cows, when to harvest honey, what diseases a citrus tree may develop and most importantly, that everything starts with a business plan.

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