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Uganda: Shopping for the new term.

So…. Having been here for nearly six weeks with no students to speak of, school has finally started! Well, it is gradually starting I should say, as we are still missing some students and the new first years are waiting to receive their exam results before registering. 

Uganda: Spruced up cows and some baking.


The school holidays have given us a good opportunity to iron out some issues that are affecting the productivity of the businesses. 

Uganda: First weeks and Tanzania!


Many thanks to Jamie and the previous project officers for keeping us so up to date with all of the happenings at St Denis. My name is Emily and I have taken over from Jamie here in Uganda to continue her work with the school and community in Makondo Parish.

Uganda: Meet John

Uganda: Posho Mill Update - Creating something from Nothing

Only one month on and St. Denis has created something from nothing! See our construction progress....

What once was an empty field...

Now is transformed!

Uganda: Kampala Bombings

Here in Makondo we awoke to the news - I myself awoke to a text messages from concerned family and friends back in the U.S. Breakfast was subdued throughout the village, families huddled around radios and televisions... 3 bomb blasts in Kampala during the World Cup Final, over 70 injured, the death toll climbing with at least 70 dead....

Uganda: Posho Mill Go!

July 7th was a momentous day for St. Denis as it moved forward with her biggest business yet! Land for the upcoming St. Denis Posho Mill was purchased!

Posho, a stiff corn meal type cake, is a staple food here in Uganda. St. Denis was lucky enough to find and purchase prime property in the village that will gaurantee fantastic visibility for the business and will be sure to provide the Makondo community a much needed service.

Uganda: The Start of Somethings New...

June was a busy and exciting month here at St. Denis. With the businesses continuing and progressing well, the students back in classes, and the coffee harvest upon us, there has been much to work on and report.

A lot of progress and a little Good Bye...

Saturday, March 20, 2010- Another month of great progress here at St. Denis. The construction work at the school is finished and our four businesses are ready for some serious profit:

The cow shelter has a concrete floor which will make sure our cows will stay dry during the coming rainy season. Also, there now is a fence which will hopefully stop our cows wandering off into places like the computer room again (see December Blog).

Happy New Year…

Saturday, February 13, 2010- The New Year 2010 started off well for the self sufficiency project at St. Denis as we received a substantial amount of funding! Funds will be used for our existing dairy and matooke business as well as help to establish two new projects - a school supplies shop and canteen as well as a posho mill. Truly a great start to the New Year!

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