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Uganda: Practical skills workshops.

The Uganda workshop series has been going well this month with a development into practical skills based workshops, intended to give school management and staff the real skills needed to set up successful school businesses. Many Ugandan schools, especially rural schools, have tried some form of income generating activity, but staff often lack the business skills needed to make them into successful revenue generating businesses.

Uganda: Case Study: Marion Ssewajje.

Name: Marion Ssewajje  Age: 17  Class: S2 Boarding student

Uganda: Business number five.

After almost two years and a lot of teething problems, the St Denis Posho Mill finally opened its doors to customers on 1st March 2012. Although the building and machinery has been in place for over a year, the mill was only connected to the electricity supply in February this year, to the great relief of the community who have been waiting and fundraising for its operation throughout 2011.

Uganda: A New Head Teacher.

After a long and anxious wait for the students and staff of St Denis, a new headteacher was finally appointed and arrived on 28th Feb. Namulema Lucia has come from being deputy head in an urban school in Masaka in order to see St Denis through the next stage of its development. She was selected for her diplomatic nature and commitment to the continuation of the self-sufficiency project and will be closely supported by the Parish, our field officer, and a new projects manager to ensure that the school businesses continue to thrive and develop.

Uganda: Teach A Man To Fish workshop in Kampala

Teach A Man To Fish Uganda offer workshops to school directors, head teachers and teachers in Uganda who are interested in the Teach A Man To Fish model of sustainable education and want to learn about the benefits it can bring to their schools. We held an introduction workshop at Lweza training center on 10th February which looked at "Overcoming the challenges and creating solutions for sustainable education in Uganda".  We were joined by some furry friends!

Uganda: The end of term.

In Uganda, the academic year begins in in February and ends at the end of November. This means that students have their longest holiday of two months over the Christmas period in preparation for moving to their next class in the new academic year.

Uganda: A volunteer's experience.


I’m Giulia, I’m 22 and I’m studying biotechnology in Milan and Paris. I’m studying malaria, a big deal in Africa. The past summer I’ve been in Makondo and Ondati as a “Teach a Man to Fish” volunteer, teaching the secondary school students a health course and running computer training.

Uganda: Meet Nasaka Gorette.

Nasaka Gorette is a 15 year old female student in her first year of secondary school at St Denis. Her close family consists of Mum, Dad and her baby sister and she lives in Kyamukama village, a 30 minute walk from St Denis, when she’s not boarding at school during term time. She is originally from the Eastern Region of Uganda and therefore speaks Lugishu as well as English and the local language in Makondo, Luganda. Nasaka’s mum is a store owner selling everyday items, and her Dad is a farmer with 9 acres of land, growing bananas, cabbages, sweet potatoes and beans.

Uganda: Useful fun in the classroom.

Aside from the practical angle of running the businesses day to day, students are now taking ‘Business Project Lessons’ once a week. These draw on the Ugandan Entrepreneurship Curriculum, but allow students to get involved in practical classroom activities based on the school businesses that give them real life experience of planning a business. The activities are specifically designed for students without previous knowledge of business and to be as fun and engaging as possible.

Uganda: Some valuable visitors.

St Denis has been the lucky host of several visitors over the last couple of months, whose contributions have been extremely valuable to the progression of the Self Sufficiency Project. These have included accountants, volunteers, programme managers and other Teach A Man To Fish staff!

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