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Rwanda: Onwards and Upwards!

There’s lots of news to report from Ahazaza Independent School this month! As the first term begins to draw to a close, the projects are in full flow and students are sitting their end term exams as we speak. They’ve all been revising hard so fingers crossed everyone will be happy with their results.


Rwanda: Moving Forward

2012 started well for Ahazaza Independent School, Primary 6 national exams results came out and guess what? Ahazaza ranked 14 out of 2400 schools in Rwanda! Academically our pupils are performing and achieving the high goals the school sets for them, all thanks to the dedication of our teachers and our partners. The school will keep aiming high and perhaps one day you will see Ahazaza at the top, who knows!

Rwanda: Remi Patrick, Flying High

One of the 70 scholarship students at Ahazaza Independent School, Remi Patrick receives top marks for his Academic performance. He joined Ahazaza about 4 years ago and since then he does the 30-minute walk to school from his mud house in Gahogo where he lives with his mother, father, aunt and siblings.

His favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science mainly because he finds them simple and he wishes to know more about the human body and how it works.

Patrick wants to go to University to study Technology and tells us that he would like to be a pilot when he is older:

Rwanda: Planning makes perfect...

December is a very busy month at Ahazaza Independent School. We are currently on school break but that does not mean resting, it means planning, planning and more planning for 2012! But planning makes perfect...or at least we like to think so...

Rwanda: Cyiza Aubin an IT Mogul in the making?


An example to his peers, Cyiza joined Ahazaza in 2006 when it first opened. Since then he has been top of his class, having also excelled in all performance arts activities. He tells us that it did not all come naturally: 

Rwanda: to the Future…

It was about 3 months ago that TAMTF arrived at Ahazaza Independent School. Ahazaza, meaning the 'Future' in Kinyarwanda, is an initiative of a small group of residents of Muhanga District that aims to provide quality education to children in a rural area. 

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