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Rwanda: Meet teacher Claude and hear how the school's business is benefitting students and the community

Claude is an English teacher from Muganza Secondary School- a school in a remote part of Nyaruguru district, Rwanda. Claude is one of six staff members at the school who have worked, with support from Teach A Man To Fish, to set up an educational and profitable school business. The business they have decided to set up is a stationary and photocopying shop.

Rwanda: Head Teacher Jean Marie Muhinga talks about the journey to launching the school's piggery business

We are delighted to bring you news of another school business up and running in Rwanda! We met with Jean Marie Vianney Muhinga, the prinipal of Bigugu Secondary School, to talk to him about his experience setting up a piggery at his school.

Rwanda: After a lot of hard work, Ruhororo Primary School's Beekeeping business is up and running!

After a lot of planning and haradwork, writing a school businesses plan and budget, Ruhororo primary school has launched its Beekeeping business.

Rhhororo Primary School is located in a rural area surrounded by eucalyptus forest. The school felt this would be the perfect place to start a beekeeping business selling local honey. The school built 40 modern beehives which can produce up to 480Kgs of honey a year.

Rwanda: School business Plan writing has been a success!

During the period of three month after they have been trained on business planning, Parents and Teachers Committee of the 28 partners schools of Nyaruguru have undertaken the process of writing their school business plans.

Rwanda - Meet our Technical Officers

Meet our Technical Officers in Rwanda: Sharon Munyazikwiye and Jackson Bizimungu. They have been working hard to support 28 schools in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, to write business plans for school businesses. 

Sharon says, "The schools have been doing heavy tasks in getting their business plans ready for start-up capital. Now they can't wait to get finished the planning and begin implementation. The school staff have shown extreme commitment in terms of business plan research and writing." 

Rwanda: Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) members ready to start business schools after successful completion of training

140 Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) members from 28 schools of Nyaruguru district eagerly embraced the message of the GEC/ REAP Project. Business schools and Mother Daughter Clubs (MDCs) also expressed emotions of how essential it is to local communities and the schools. Teach A Man To Fish staff in Rwanda, in collaboration with Health Poverty Action (HPA), built capacity, and each school has been represented by five members of their PTA.

Rwanda: On a roll...

We are only half way into May and there is already a lot of news to report from Ahazaza. We started off the month with our second pop-up cinema screening which proved even more popular than the last, this time the Student Entrepreneurship Club were prepared and made some delicious popcorn to sell at the screening. After the first attempt which ended up slightly burnt we ended up with 10 full bags of popcorn to sell.

Rwanda: Entrepreneurship Case Study

Here at Ahazaza Independent School we are very excited to start implementing new entrepreneurship classes in Primary 1 to Primary 4. The new lesson plans signal a great step forward as students can now get a firm grounding in entrepreneurship theory and practical skills.

We have compiled a database of lesson plans which are tailored to introduce the basic principles of entrepreneurship alongside practical elements such as event management and school trips to local businesses and community centres for the students.

Rwanda: Great Start to a New Term

April began in style as the French Institute from Kigali visited Ahazaza to hold the school’s first ever pop up cinema event.

Rwanda : You're Hired!

Ahazaza has recently hired a Project Manager for the multipurpose hall! David Jesero started teaching at Ahazaza in January 2012 and has quickly proven invaluable.

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