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Nicaragua: Changes in La Bastilla

After our great volunteer blogs, it is now my turn to take over. My name’s Christine, and I have just finished my first month as La Bastilla’s brand new Tourism Officer. My main tasks consist in getting our Ecolodge to realise its full potential and to teach the students the perks of working in the hotel and tourism industry.

Volunteers Steve and Nicky, great final weeks at La Bastilla

 As we write this final blog, we sit in the computer lab that we set up for this incredible school that has been our home for the past month. The lab represents a large part of our work here and the impact we’ve had on the school. When we arrived, there were only two functional computers for student use and computer classes had to be held in a school twenty minutes walk away.

Nicky and Steve - great volunteering experience at La Bastilla

Hello there! We are Nicky and Steve and we are students from the USA who are volunteering with La Bastilla in Nicaragua for 4 weeks. We both study Computer Science at university and brought a donation of 7 laptops, in order to help the school here and also to teach the students some useful IT and Computer Science skills.  

Nicaragua: April Buzz in La Bastilla

As usual La Bastilla has been buzzing with activity, literally and figuratively.  Among the high number and variety of insects, I’ve taken notice of the tremendous presence of cicadas that provide a constant soundtrack to our days here.  The students have also been buzzing about their first term exams and grades.  The results are in, and I’m proud to announce La Bastilla students scored an overall average of 88% after their first term.

Nicaragua: All New in Nicaragua!

Hello to all the Teach A Man To Fish Nicaragua followers! I’m Mary, and will be taking over from Rachel as the Project Officer in La Bastilla for the upcoming year.  My first week did not disappoint in terms of exciting activity and memorable experiences.  Erica from the London office is also here for the next week visiting, and introducing me to all the bits and pieces that make up this remarkable project. 

Nicaragua: Action-Packed February at La Bastilla!


February was another action packed month at La Bastilla! We welcomed the students back after the long Christmas holidays to start a new academic year. We have 17 new students in 1st year and 4 in 2nd year, and may welcome more as the harvest season comes to an end and more students enrol in classes. The new group is really enthusiastic and has loads of potential so we are happy!  

Nicaragua: Meet Nelson Lanuza, an inspiring graduate from La Bastilla!


This week I’d like to introduce you to Nelson Lanuza, one of our December graduates who is now working at La Bastilla Coffee Estates. He is a great example of how much education can transform people’s lives, if they take advantage of all of the opportunities presented to them.     

Nicaragua: Class of 2011 - meet the graduates of La Bastilla!

As we celebrated our second ever graduation from La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School this month, I thought it would be great to share with you the profiles of our graduates and what they hope to go on and do after life at the school.


November at La Bastila - Final Year Business Plan Presentations!!!


As part of their last year of classes at La Bastilla, we felt that the final year students should learn about how to write a business plan and over the course of the second semester write their own plan to present as part of their graduation. The students mostly worked in pairs and chose a range of businesses including chickens, coffee cultivation, pig breeding, vegetables, a bakery and an internet café! Having taken classes since July and progressively written the various sections of their plan, the last week in November was chosen for the presentations.  

October at La Bastilla - the Teach A Man To Fish annual conference!

October was an extremely exciting month here at La Bastilla as we prepared to host the 5th international Teach A Man To Fish conference; Educ

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