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Global Glimpse Visits La Bastilla

Over the past month, the La Bastilla school and businesses have played host to Global Glimpse; a non-profit organisation that fosters leadership skills in young American students through its unique community service programme in developing countries.  Groups of 20 students visited La Bastilla on 3 separate occasions to participate in Global Glimpse’s “Work Like a Local Day”.  The aim of the  day  was to allow the young Americans to experience what life is like for our students here at La Bastilla, and furthermore, to provide them with an insight in

Meet La Bastilla's students: Eduardo Herrera Navarro

This week marks the end of our first semester here at La Bastilla and, for our first-year students, the end of their first 6 months in a boarding school.  I thought that this would be a good moment to have a catch up with one of our students, Eduardo Herrera Navarro from the first year, to find out how he feels about having survived his first semester here!

Nicaragua: La Bastilla celebrates Agronomist Day

On the 15th of May, La Bastilla School celebrated Agronomy Day.  Despite the fact that in the UK we have cards for every occasion, I had never heard of Agronomy Day until I arrived here in Nicaragua.  In fact, until I came to Latin America for the first time, I had never even heard of Agronomy.  However, in Nicaragua, where almost a third of the economically active population is employed in Agriculture, the subject of Agronomy is held in high esteem. 

'The Milky Way' - Leena's first blog from La Bastilla, Nicaragua

Hello, my name is Leena and I’ll be the new Field Officer at La Bastilla for the next few months.

Having lived in London for most of my life I’m one of those oblivious city-folk that has very little idea of where my food comes from.

Nicaragua: A new journey begins for students at La Bastilla


Yes, it  has finally started: the new school year! So the youngsters we told you about in one of the past blogs have left and made space for our students of the Agricultural Technical High School.

While for most of the 2nd and 3rd year students, life at the boarding school is simply returning to an already well-known routine, for 29 it is the beginning of an exciting journey.

Nicaragua: student Wilmer Paz wins scholarship to the Earth University in Costa Rica


We are proud to announce that one of this year’s graduates from La Bastilla Agricultural Technical High School in Nicaragua, Wilmer Paz, has been awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious EARTH University in Costa Rica.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla - It´s a pig´s life...What to do when your pig has given birth?

This is a question that the students of La Bastilla Agricultural Technical High School are facing about once a month – the school is currently trying to consolidate their pig business, and the recent birth of 9 piglets gives us the perfect opportunity to enlighten our readers:

Nicaragua: La Bastilla - What happens when the school is closed for holidays?

At the Colegio Técnico Agropecuario La Bastilla a 2 months holiday for the students doesn’t mean that all classrooms and the boarding school are closed up and left to the antsy Nicaraguan spiders. On the contrary, not only do students here spend 2 weeks out of 8 taking care of one of the production areas, furthermore every week 3 to 4 prospective students spend a practical week in order to see if they like the school and its hands-on approach.

Nicaragua: Final project presentations


As the school year is drawing to an end, the 15 students from 3rd year have now passed the last step on their way to becoming ‘Bachilleres Técnicos en Agropecuaria’*: the presentation of their final projects.

Waiting for the presentations to start


Workshop Time in La Bastilla


Long expected news from our Technical High School in Nicaragua are due. And we are very happy to tell you that the past month has been filled with exciting opportunities to acquire new skills: next to studying for their midterm exams students have participated in a range of workshops, from small, one-day meetings teaching them dining room etiquette to a 4-days artificial insemination course and a 2-days tour guide workshop.

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