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Nepal: Conclusion of the research

Over the last weeks of the project we held meetings with government and the community to review our research and assess the best approach for the district. Initially, the college had appeared like the most suitable option as this would provide vocational training for the unemployed youth and tackle the current problem of high unemployment. However further consultation with the community demonstrated that the focus should be to develop the quality of education from a young age- creating a strong educational foundation for the district.

Nepal: School visits

After completing market research we continued to develop our understanding of the exisitng education system. This involved completing a survey of government schools in Manang to review the current challenges faced by teachers and students. In Pokhara and Kathmandu we visited  private schools to compare the quality and understand why parents in Manang choose to send their children to study outside the district.

Nepal: Trout fishing in the Himalayas


We were told it was not possible. Then we were told that it was. Then we were told they could not be sure. After speaking to a senior fish specialist we are now a lot clearer that we still cannot be sure.

The cool conditions of Manang seem to be perfect for Rainbow Trout but a feasibility study would need to be undertaken to confirm whether the fish can survive. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the support of a wealthy Arabian sheik like Ewan McGregor who went Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Nepal: From an acorn will grow an oak tree

After the last few weeks of trekking the length and breadth of the Manang district we have finally completed our community research. 

Nepal: Namaste from Nepal...

We've now settled in to our Himalayan home and the hard work has begun! Over the last 3 weeks we've been busy gathering market research and discussing the school project.



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