Uganda:The team at Mackay are getting ready to launch the businesses!

While the students are on their holidays, the Business Managers and their team at Mackay have been working hard to get the businesses ready to launch when term begins in February. The first stage of preparations has been the spending and tracking of start-up capital.

Business Manager Simon and the new instruments 

Field Officer, Jenny, has been supporting staff to keep good record of all their new purchases. Before they began purchasing, teachers created a ‘Purchasing Procedure’ to keep track of the money they were spending. All new assets are listed into the ‘Inventory Book’ so that it is easy for Business Managers and students to see what the business has in stock!

While the Entertainment Group has focused on buying instruments and costumes, the Egg and Chicken Business have been using their start-up capital to improve the existing chicken house. After concreting and plastering, the house has been divided  into sections; an area for Layer Hens, an area for Roosters, a store room and a walkway for students to access and observe the chickens. An additional ‘playground’ outside area has been added to the structure to allow the chicken’s access to natural sunlight and the vitamins from the local grasses and plants.

In preparation for students returning to school, the Business Managers have worked with the Field Officer to create a 6 week action plan. In the next few weeks the Entertainment Business will be focusing on marketing activities, including creating a music video! They will also be meeting with students and their parents to encourage them to support the project.

Once they have completed the chicken house, the Egg and Chicken Business will be buying all the equipment and supplied they will need to start their business – including the very important chickens! They will also be working with the Agriculture teacher to train the selected students, following their operational plan, to ensure everyone is ready for the arrival of the chickens.


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