Uganda: Profits from school poultry business invested back into school & business & shared equally between staff and students.

Mackay Memorial College is a government school on the outskirts of Kampala. The school has three real-life school businesses- a poultry business, a piggery and a dance troupe that performs at weddings and events. In these businesses teachers and students are equal players, planning and developing the businesses and managing finances together. This spring the school held a Profit Sharing Ceremony to share the profits of their successful poultry business and celebrate a year of hard work and successes.

The impressive $1180 profits were shared between the 6 students and 6 teachers involved in running the business, as well some being invested in school facilities and a percentage reinvested into the business.


After sharing profits, those interviewed had the following to say:

“Of now, students have taken up the veterinary officer’s roles. They have learnt how and when to carry out vaccination, deworming among others, which has saved the project from meeting regular professional expenses for the veterinary officer”

Project Purchasing Officer – Ms. Nakabugo Catherine. 

 “In the beginning, I thought it was a joke. When the head teacher read my name on the general assembly to receive money amidst thousands of students, I was then firm that my share ($45) would be used to clear up my school fees”

Mackay Student -Kato

“I always felt shy when fellow students saw me carrying chicken feeds and cleaning the chicken house. My confidence grew and sharing the project money is the outcome. Besides,I have learnt chicken rearing, records keeping, marketing, team working, negotiation and leadership skills that every person needs in everyday life to match the current global economic trends”

Mackay Student- Dawuna.


Building on success

To ensure sustained learning and earning from the school businesses, Teach A Man To Fish has helped Mackay to design and implement the Mackay Sustainability Plan. Trainings on vision setting, role definition, team building, business sustainability and diversification have been given. Financial literacy, monitoring and evaluation of student learning in the business, integration of business experiences in school curricular are next on the agenda.

The profits from the business have allowed the school to buy 340 new chicks. Staff and students are confident that the income from egg sales will grow even more in the next school year. 

Skills development and hands-on business learning is now taking a lion’s share of the school’s daily activity calendar. As a result, Mackay has grown into a hub for practical as well as profitable education. 

From left, Dawuna, Catherine, Kato, Muhingo, Sonko and Jordan displaying their shared profits.

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