Uganda: The chickens arrive at Mackay Memorial College!

After much planning and preparation for the Egg's Business, the chickens have finally arrived at our partner school, Mackay Memorial College! The teachers and students are now extremely excited to be looking after the much-discussed chicks. Over the last couple of weeks, the teachers bought the final equipment needed for the chicken house, including disinfectant, overalls, feeds and coal and clay pots for heating the chicken house. The students involved in the business also helped tidy the area around the chicken house, so that it is clean for the new arrivals.




On Friday, Mr Godfrey Muhingo, the Business Manager of the Egg's Business, travelled to Entebbe, a city around two hours from Kampala, to buy the chicks. They drove the school bus and purchased 280 chicks, aged between 2 – 3 weeks old. As the chicks are so young, the Business Manager has asked a local vet to come and check on them every 3-4 days and give them the required vaccinations. At this point, the male and female chickens will not be separated but will be put into separate rooms when they start to breed. It will take around 5 months for the chickens to produce eggs and around 6 months for the the males to be mature enough to sell for meat.




The teachers and students are now busy planning the next stages of the business. Students are already becoming actively involved in the business, as the chicks need to be given feed twice a day and need to be checked regularly as they are so young. The students staying in the school's boarding house have been given the most responsibility, as they are staying at the school over the Easter holidays. The older students will supervise the younger students, so that they can teach the younger students skills in chicken-rearing. Next week, the Field Officers, Jenny and Fran, will be meeting with all the teachers and students involved in the business to discuss the budget for the business over the next 5 months, and to confirm the duties that each person will have.  




Soon the members of the business will also need to think about marketing their business, so that they have plenty of customers ready to buy their eggs when they are produced! To do this, the Field Officers will encourage the teachers to set up a weekly 'Business Club' for students that want to be involved in the marketing of the business. Currently, the teachers plan to approach hotels that need a large supply of eggs, as well as local customers. The students are extremely enthusiastic about the official start of the Egg's Business and are looking forward to learning new skills in chicken-rearing and entrepreneurship!


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