School Enterprise Challenge goes from strength to strength in Uganda!

After a successful competition last year, The School Enterprise Challenge 2014 has launched in Uganda, and our Field Officers Jenny and Fran have been busy delivering business planning and development workshops to teachers from across the country.

On Saturday 10th May our team delivered a workshop titled ‘An introduction to Business Planning’ for new schools interested in taking part in the competition. During the workshop the teachers learnt how to use a resource assessment and feasibility study to indemnify a great business idea – and they had some great suggestions including an ice cream parlor, peanut butter production and graphic design services!


During this workshop teachers also got the opportunity to practice their market research and financial planning skills through fun interactive activities which they can use with their students! The teachers were really inspired by Patrick Mukisa , a teacher from Rock Community School, who won a Business Prize for their handicrafts business, who kindly shared his students experiences and successes

As well as engaging new schools, our Field Officers are working hard to support schools that took part in the School Enterprise Challenge 2013. On Saturday 24th May, teachers from 7 schools who participated last year met in Kampala for a workshop entitled ‘How to develop your school business’ to share their experience and hone some of their business skills!  


Teachers supported each other to solve some of the problems they had been facing, for example one school had been struggling with a lack of market for their cakes business. Another teacher gave some great advice to do some further market research, to ensure they were making the types of cakes the customer wanted.

The teachers also got the opportunity to practice their record keeping skills and learn how to create a marketing budget using activities they could repeat with their students. The teachers have returned to their schools ready to work with the students to expand and diversify their businesses!


Our team in Uganda is also working with partner organisations African Revival, PEDN and African Educational Trust to support more schools in Uganda to take part in the competition by delivering workshops in Kampala and Gulu – so watch out for more photos and news from the School Enterprise Challenge in Uganda! 

If you would like your school to participate in the School Enteprise Challenge 2014 - dont forget to register on the website www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org 

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