School Enterprise Challenge: Excited to see the businesses of 2015!

At Teach A Man To Fish we are delighted that the 2015 School Enterprise Challenge will be the biggest yet, with almost 1800 schools in 100 countries already started on their journey to plan and develop an educational and profitable business.









Schools from Mexico and South Africa  hold up their posters showing they are part of our global community. 

New Prizes - New Resources - New Features

This year we have new and improved resources including educational videos supporting schools to come up with a business idea, conduct market research and write a financial plan. We have more prizes including five regional prizes and ten country prizes.  We also have a special Head Teacher Award. This award will be given to a head teacher that has gone the extra mile to support the School Enterprise Challenge in their school. 

School Buddy Programme

Our School Buddy Programme partners leading schools with successful enterprises, with schools that are entering our business start-up competition for the first time or have lower resources in terms of access to computers and printed materials. Students and teachers will take their skills and experiences to the next level by supporting their buddy school in coming up with a business idea, writing a business plan and launching their school business.

A prize will be awarded to the most successful partnership. It’s an amazing opportunity for both sides and, TOGETHER they have a chance to win the best “Buddy School of the Year” Award!

You can find detailed information about all the available prizes here.

We look forward to hearing some great business ideas for this year’s competition!


If you still want to register in 2015 and think you could write BOTH a Business Idea and Business Plan in four weeks, please register for the FastTrack School Enterprise Challenge here.

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