Rwanda : You're Hired!

Ahazaza has recently hired a Project Manager for the multipurpose hall! David Jesero started teaching at Ahazaza in January 2012 and has quickly proven invaluable.


As David’s teaching timetable is only half full he began working with the Teach a Man to Fish Project Officer to ensure all the events run in the multipurpose hall went smoothly, that customers were looked after and all sales figures were kept up to date.

This weekend proved very demanding to be in charge as we had three football matches screened in the multipurpose hall AND a wedding on the grounds, all in two days. However despite an all day power cut on the Saturday, David had the generator at the ready and it all went without a hitch. We even started selling our first batch of Primus beers to a very happy crowd.

Sunday brought yet another obstacle – rain, and lots of it! As the wedding was planned to take place outside, everyone powered through and put all the tents up and furniture out. Luckily ten minutes before the ceremony the sky cleared and there was beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day!

We also have lots of exciting events coming up including a ‘pop up’ cinema screening to kick off the Easter holidays.

In the following weeks to consolidate David’s management of the hall, timetables for marketing upcoming events as well as managing the finances will be implemented.

With a new Manager and new events on the horizon the multipurpose hall is set to go from strength to strength!

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