Rwanda: School business Plan writing has been a success!

During the period of three month after they have been trained on business planning, Parents and Teachers Committee of the 28 partners schools of Nyaruguru have undertaken the process of writing their school business plans.

The PTC members have been able to develop their school business plan and nowdays they are at the implementation phase, but not all the school have been approved at the moment 17/28 schools have refined their budgets and others are left with some minor corrections with guidance and advice of Teach A Man To Fish Technical Officers. The school business is headed by the elected Business Management Committee which will be in charge of day to day business Operation.

Apart from the general benefit that school business will bring PTC Members are proving that it is useful with them so far, for they have knowledge on business planning, market research an all needed information regarding business implementation. Moreover, they said "The business skills that we benefited during the TAMTF business Model training and the continuous sharing with TOs is helping us to be ideal in as far as business operations are concerned and being a pillar in the ways of developing our school business and the communities as well."

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