Rwanda: On a roll...

We are only half way into May and there is already a lot of news to report from Ahazaza. We started off the month with our second pop-up cinema screening which proved even more popular than the last, this time the Student Entrepreneurship Club were prepared and made some delicious popcorn to sell at the screening. After the first attempt which ended up slightly burnt we ended up with 10 full bags of popcorn to sell.


In other news the French Institute visited the school with a mass of laptops and ipads for ICT lessons with P,5,6 and S1. The visitors went through a variety of programmes with the students including an introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel. No doubt these lessons will be invaluable to all the budding entrepreneurs at Ahazaza.


Great steps have also been taken forward in handing the management of the school shop over completely to Agnes, the kindergarten teacher currently running the business. Through the creation of a new budget we have been able to transfer the skills necessary for Agnes to maintain the budget by inputting termly sales figures and keeping track of profits made by the school shop. This signals a fantastic step forward for our work here at Ahazaza, taking us one move closer to achieving our goal of a completely sustainable school.


More exciting news is the start of our internships at Ahazaza, each member of the entrepreneurship club is going to complete a shift a week working with Agnes in the school shop. They will be completing tasks such as preparing and handling the float, purchasing new stock, research new products and updating the weekly income figures on the Teach a Man to Fish spreadsheet.


It is a credit to the fantastic students here at Ahazaza that they are so enthusiastic to take on these responsibilities, surely a sign of more fantastic new projects to come!

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