Rwanda: Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) members ready to start business schools after successful completion of training

140 Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) members from 28 schools of Nyaruguru district eagerly embraced the message of the GEC/ REAP Project. Business schools and Mother Daughter Clubs (MDCs) also expressed emotions of how essential it is to local communities and the schools. Teach A Man To Fish staff in Rwanda, in collaboration with Health Poverty Action (HPA), built capacity, and each school has been represented by five members of their PTA. From the training, PTAs learned about business planning, business selection, business budgeting, market research, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis. The PTA warmly welcomed the GEC/ REAP program and Teach A Man To Fish to head the course of business schools, offering business advisory services, business school development and most importantly the provision of StartUp capital after they fully complete their reseach on any selected business idea from the PTA committee.

During the training, participants showed their commitment while following and sharing their ideas on business school challenges. They were eager to go to the next step, which is going back and completing their business school plan, and were impressed by the help of gaining StartUp capital from Teach A Man To Fish after they complete their business school plan. With courage and commitment they are working hard and with zeal in order to develop the schools’ capacity and resources.

The PTA understands the importance and the development they will achieve through partnering with Teach A Man To Fish in implementing the GEC/ REAP project, particularly regarding business school development and implementation. All in all, the PTA appreciated the training and asked to constantly be in touch with Teach A Man To Fish so that they can write successful business plans and ensure the implementation phase is as smooth as possible. Moreover, this is the pilot of the GEC/ REAP project and its success shows there will be many more to come.

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