Rwanda: Meet teacher Claude and hear how the school's business is benefitting students and the community

Claude is an English teacher from Muganza Secondary School- a school in a remote part of Nyaruguru district, Rwanda. Claude is one of six staff members at the school who have worked, with support from Teach A Man To Fish, to set up an educational and profitable school business. The business they have decided to set up is a stationary and photocopying shop.

The need for students in Claude’s community to learn business skills and the need for his school generate additional income are both very high:

“The biggest challenge our school faces is that we are surrounded by poor communities, which means that many of our students lack the correct uniform and school materials they need to study.”

Claude explained that school staff appreciated being able to choose the business they set up themselves so that they could establish something relevant for their school:

“It is very good we now have a new service benefitting the community and the school.”

Teach A Man To Fish supports young people to reach their full potential in life through enabling schools to provide a relevant education to students. The school businesses teach business and workplace skills needed to gain meaningful employment after students finish school. Claude reinforces this approach:

“The children can learn from this school business so that they may even start their own business when they leave.”

Currently Teach A Man To Fish is working in 28 schools in Rwanda with teachers like Claude and we hope to expand our reach further as the programme develops.

“The benefits we will get from here will help the children without their school needs. It is a great thing and other schools should have this opportunity too.”

       The school's stationary and photocoping shop

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