Rwanda: Entrepreneurship Case Study

Here at Ahazaza Independent School we are very excited to start implementing new entrepreneurship classes in Primary 1 to Primary 4. The new lesson plans signal a great step forward as students can now get a firm grounding in entrepreneurship theory and practical skills.

We have compiled a database of lesson plans which are tailored to introduce the basic principles of entrepreneurship alongside practical elements such as event management and school trips to local businesses and community centres for the students.

Over the following term training will be undertaken by teachers at Ahazaza for the implementation of classes, this will help ensure that the project is sustainable in the long term.


On top of this each lesson includes a few minutes at the end which will allow students and teachers to offer feedback about what they’ve learnt and their thoughts on the lesson. By doing this the school can use the feedback provided to improve upon lesson plans for the following academic year.

The next step for entrepreneurship in the curriculum is to continue to build up a catalogue of lesson plans for the Entrepreneurship Club as well as develop an internship scheme for Secondary 1 students to take part in.

This is an exciting time in the development of the curriculum’s engagement with the school’s businesses and it also means we’re one step closer to creating the next generation of Rwanda’s entrepreneurs!

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