Rwanda: After a lot of hard work, Ruhororo Primary School's Beekeeping business is up and running!

After a lot of planning and haradwork, writing a school businesses plan and budget, Ruhororo primary school has launched its Beekeeping business.

Rhhororo Primary School is located in a rural area surrounded by eucalyptus forest. The school felt this would be the perfect place to start a beekeeping business selling local honey. The school built 40 modern beehives which can produce up to 480Kgs of honey a year.

The business will also help educate students on how to keep and manage bees in a modern way that maximases the amount of honey produced. We spoke with the Head Teacher and staff working on the project:

"We plan to not only do beekeeping to make honey, but also going further in adding value by producing candles from the bee wax in the long-term." 

The Head Teacher was adamant that the school business will help grow the entreprenuerial spirit at the school and that the business will provide a practical environment to learn business skills. The school is already a member of a local beekeeping cooperative.












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