Nicaragua: Updates on La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture & Tourism

This month, we wanted to share with you some of the latest events that have taken place at La Bastilla Technical Centre.

In July, the second round of internships has taken place for the 2014 third year students. After last year’s rewarding experience, La Bastilla had decided to organise these practices again, this time with new partners, as the number of students were higher than 2013 (14 against 6). So divided into two groups, the students immersed themselves for a fortnight in internships in different locations. And once more, the results and lessons learned were remarkable and enriching: 57% of the third-year students performed so well during the placements that they were offered jobs upon graduating; evidencing once more how the “learning by doing” educational experience can improve young people’s chances of securing long-term employment. Congratulation to all of them for this huge achievement!

In September, La Bastilla Ecolodge hosted the “Atolera”, the most important event of the year. September is the month where Central America’s and National Independence are celebrated and the “Atolera” is an opportunity to taste all the different local and homemade dishes based on maize (Central America’s representative crop) such as “elote”, “atol”, “güirila” and “tamales”. And for the meat lovers, there were also pork ribs (from the school pig farm) and chicken! And of course, this was the perfect place for the outstanding students dancing group to perform their traditional dances! Share with us some of those fantastic moments with these photos:









And the following day, there was the School Parade in Jinotega! As part of the national celebrations, every year in every village in the country all schools and educational institutions from the area organise parades. This year La Bastilla was in the front row and the event was a success. It is also the time for the students to show their achievements, as only the excellent students carry the flags (the Nicaraguan, Jinotegan and La Bastilla’s institutional flag), and the achievers show off their sash throughout the city streets.








As you see, La Bastilla has been busy celebrating and you can already look forward to reading more about the students in a month’s time!


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