Nicaragua: Past graduates - where are they now?

We were interested to learn more about the lives of our La Bastilla graduates once they leave school, so we invited students who finished in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to join us at a meeting in Jinotega town to catch up with them and celebrate their achievements!  

We were so delighted with their experiences after leaving school that we wanted to share some of their stories with you!

Carlos José Herrera

Carlos finished school in December 2012 and three months later started working at Sollentuna Hem Hotel in Jinotega. He is now the manager’s right-hand man and is responsible for ensuring  that everything is running smoothly at the hotel. According to him “once I got my first job, I realized I had a really good knowledge basis thanks to the hands-on experience     that I gained in the tourism and agricultural areas at La Bastilla”.

María Ignacia Alaniz Rizo

María Ignacia graduated as a “Bachiller Técnico Agropecuario” (Technical Agricultural Diploma) in 2010. She then worked for three months as a Technical Assistant  at an agricultural farm, helping mainly with record keeping (a task that she became familiar with while studying at La Bastilla), then she worked on a temporary basis at a hotel and after that, she immersed herself in an educational project, quite similar to the one at La Bastilla. She supported the project implementation, working alongside the manager. She thinks of La Bastilla as “a place where you can widen your knowledge and improve your life skills”. She is currently studying for a degree in Business Administration at the Univerestiy of León.

Humberto Alaniz

Humberto completed his degree in 2012. Immediately after, he started working on his father’s farm. He now manages his own piece of land, where he produces lettuces, peppers and cabbages. He is proud of his work and emphasises that he is using the techniques learnt at school, such as pest-treatment, weed control and the application of appropriate fertilizers. His vegetables are sold in Managua (Nicaragua’s capital city) through intermediaries. During the harvest season, he manages temporary employees and has to keep  daily records of income, costs, expenses and profits. “La Bastilla offers this advanced agricultural knowledge that is useful for young rural people”, he states.

Denis Martin Blandón Rizo

Denis is a 2011 graduate student who is currently working in the family business. After finishing school, he worked for four months as a Production Manager in a cocoa farm. After this experience, he set up his own business with his father. They are specialized in vegetable farming and agriculture. He proudly states that he is involved in all the business activities, especially in breeding as this is the area he developed the most when studying at La Bastilla. He is really pleased to be implementing everything that he learnt at the technical school and appreciates the opportunity.

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