Nicaragua: La Bastilla’s 2014 graduates already on the road to success!

For this month’s blog we wanted to check in with La Bastilla’s recent graduates as many have already been offered university places and started new jobs and internships! Below are just a few of the success stories from the La Bastilla Technically Centre’s 5th batch of graduates.

For the third year in a row, a La Bastilla student has won a prestigious scholarship to Costa Rica’s EARTH University! Norlan Altamirano was awarded a full 4-year scholarship to study at the university, which specialises in agricultural science.

Jeymi Olivas and Juanita Gutierrez will also be heading to neighbouring Costa Rica. They will both start year-long internships in areas they studied at La Bastilla. Jeymi will be working at a well-known Swiss family cheese business, specializing in gourmet artisan cheese and Juanita will be working at a renowned coffee farm. They are both planning to return to La Bastilla after their internships and share what they learned. They hope they can help develop the way the school businesses produce and sell dairy and coffee.

Otto Castilla, Jairo López González and Dorling Zeledón are among students who secured a job even before they had graduated!  Otto is currently working at a cattle farm, Jairo is working for La Bastilla Coffee Estates and Dorling has started working as an assistant at a neighbouring poultry farm.

Amadeo, Dorling and Jeymi

   Jairo López González 

We went to Jinotega in a rural part of Northern Nicaragua to meet Dorling. We spoke to him about how the new job is going and how it feels to be a graduate.

How does it feel to have graduated?

It feels great to have my technical degree, especially because so shortly after finishing school I was offered a job in my area of interest.  I’d like to become an agronomist and I’m very satisfied that now I can earn an income, help my family and continue with my studies.

How do you family feel about your new job?

My mother couldn’t be happier, as she had to work abroad in order to save some money for our education. She now believes the effort was worth it and is proud to see her son following his own path.

How has your experience at La Bastilla changed you?

The “La Bastilla experience” is something you can never forget. It’s hard to be apart from your family but at the same time, it’s an enriching experience if you value the level of knowledge and skills you’ll gain. This year my youngest brother is planning to attend La Bastilla. I wish him all the best and hope he’ll succeed as I did, as dealing with all the challenges you encounter on the way it’s worth the effort.   


We wish these young graduates more success in the future and we look forward to catching up with them again in the coming months!

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