Mali: The beginning of a new chapter for the St. Jean Bosco Centre in Sikasso

Our East Africa Regional Coordinator, James and our Central America Coordinator, Christine have been in Mali for the last two weeks working with a Vocational Education Centre for 450 students. Hear from Christine on what students and teachers have been learning and how the project is progressing!

Teach A Man To Fish is here in the very south of Mali, at the St. Jean Bosco Centre in Sikasso. The school has several workshops in electricity, metalwork and mechanics and is planning to develop these workshops into profitable and educational businesses, using the businesses to teach entrepreneurial skills to their students.

Teach A Man To Fish has naturally been happy to help! Supported by three representatives from our partner NGOs Via Don Bosco and ADAFO, we have spent the last two weeks working with a mixed group of 20 teachers and students on how to plan and start a business.

The mornings have been dedicated to action-filled sessions that (apart from the occasional game!) have included anything from writing a simple budget, to how to deal with risks that might affect your business.

In the afternoons participants have had the opportunity to get exciting, hands-on experience, visiting potential clients and business experts and doing market research.

“I especially like talking to experts,” says Ismael, auto-mechanic apprentice, “because the information they give us is not only useful for our school business but also very important for our futures. They tell us what to expect and what to avoid, and prepare us for the challenges of starting our own businesses.”

If you want to know more about the school, follow this link: http://jboscosik.e-monsite.com/

Students and teachers interview a local businessman and get busy business planning in one of our morning workshops.

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