Honduras: Preparing for a new school year

A new school year is about to start at the Escuela Técnica Vocacional Dr. Stephen Youngberg, and both school administration and business managers have already been back for two weeks. As the new school year will involve many changes for staff and students, all employees are working hard with their preparations in these weeks leading up to the new school year. The school’s business plan was written last year, but it has taken some time for staff to become familiar with it, and the school has been facing some challenges to implement the plan. Therefore the 4th of February will not only be the start of a new school year, but also a new start for the school businesses and for the self sustainable school project.

There is construction work in progress to improve the woodcarving workshop and build its own classroom so that the woodcarving area won’t have to share a classroom with the carpentry area anymore. This will enable both businesses to be more productive and give the students more space to practice. The school also plans to open up a lubrication centre for cars on the roadside next to the school in the coming month. The centre will offer basic mechanical services, such as oil changing, and give the mechanic students a good chance to practice their skills, and hopefully generate additional income for the school.

Construction work at the woodcarving workshop

January is also the time of year when new parents come to the office to enrol their children in our courses. The car mechanic course is already full, and the other courses are starting to fill up as well. This year the school administration is not only busy with the new enrolments, but also with launching the two new school businesses the school will be opening in the coming months: beauty salon and tourism. The building for the beauty salon is almost finished, and should be ready and equipped by early February. The tourism course already has an instructor and a classroom available and is planned to start in February as well.

Construction of Beauty Salon

Besides improving the school facilities and launching the new businesses the school is also developing its strategies for marketing. We just got a banner printed and hung up on the school’s main gate which announces the products and services available at the school, and will start the year by making sure the local community is aware of the high quality education, products and services available at the Escuela Técnica Vocacional Dr. Stephen Youngberg.

The school's new banner


Watch this space for more exciting developments in February!

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