Honduras: November at the tech school

November has in many ways been a quiet month at the school, as the students started their Christmas holidays in mid November.

The sewing machines that were donated to the school in October have been repaired and are finally ready to use. As there are no students in sewing until next year the production is low, however the instructor is currently making uniforms for the new students next year. The store room with souvenirs and woodcarving products is filling up with what they make at the woodcarving workshop, and we hope to sell much of it to the volunteer group that arrives in late December.

  woodcarvings done by students 


In November the school also had a visit from a donor, who has been visiting Pan American Health Service as a volunteer for many years. He paid for the building of a roof on a small house in the schoolyard where earlier only the walls remained. Even though the renovation of the house is not finished yet the construction of the roof was a big help for the school which is in need of more classrooms, and we hope to have the “casita” (little house) ready for next school year. The idea is to launch the beauty salon business and offer beautician classes here. 

  The "casita" or beauty salon 

Rachel, who is working for Teach A Man To Fish in Nicaragua and is the programmes coordinator for Central America, came to visit the school the first week of November, and while she was here we also went to visit the Zamurano University just south of Tegucigalpa. Rachel was giving a presentation about Teach A Man To Fish and the La Bastilla School in Nicaragua, and the school director (Jonhny) and I came along to get to know the university and see if we could make some contacts on behalf of the tech school. The Zamurano University is the largest agricultural university in Central America, and the products that are made and processed by the university are sold all over Honduras. As educational and income generating activities are both integrated parts of Zamurano, their work is certainly an inspiration for Escuela Técnica Vocacional Dr Stephen Youngberg and relates to the self-sustainable school project. We met the director and staff at the university and told them about our work here at the technical school, and we hope these will be useful contacts for the school in the future.

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