Honduras: New students at the Tech School

At the Escuela Tecnica Dr Stephen Youngberg the new school year started first Monday in February. And even though many of the students continue their studies from last year in their respective fields, a new school year also means new students at the school. There are 157 students enrolled this year, 72 in the technical areas and 85 in the Educatodos programme (primary and secondary education). Of the 72 students enrolled on the technical courses 40 of them are new at the school, starting their technical education. Car mechanic is the most popular course among the students and has the highest number of students per class.

I met with Derek Francisco Méndez, who is one of the new students on the car mechanic course, just in time to have a little chat after class, before lunch break:


How did you first hear about the Escuela Tecnica Dr Stephen Youngberg?

I’m from Las Vegas, which is the neighbouring town of Peña Blanca. I was originally studying educacion commercial (small business administration). A friend of mine, who is also from Las Vegas, started the car mechanic course here last year and he told me about it. I have always been interested in mechanics and in fixing things since I was a child, besides I like cars, so I thought it sounded like a good option.


What do think about the course so far?

What I have especially noticed, which I didn’t expect, is how much attention is given to the small details. Here we learn about everything, from every small part of the car to taking apart and repair the entire engine.


What are you plans for the future, after your studies here at Escuela Tecnica Dr Stephen Youngberg?

First of all I plan to complete both the car mechanic modules asistente 1 and asistente 2 here at the school. Then I plan to work as a car mechanic and to have my own workshop. I’d much rather have my own place than work for somebody else. To work in another workshop could be a possibility to gain experience for a while though.

I could maybe use the skills I learn here for employment in another field like industry… but I really like cars.


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