Honduras: A new era begins – how the new car mechanics centre opened its doors to the public

After a lengthy building process, a fairly high initial investment and the restless search for the fitting providers, today is the day: the Lubricentro Peña Blanca is celebrating its official opening!


Nice name, nice logo, but what does Lubricentro even mean? As you will know by now, the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School offers courses in car mechanics, and had so far done minor repairs every once in a while. When the school started working with Teach a Man to Fish, one of the potential businesses identified was the expansion of services offered by car mechanics teacher Cesar and his students. Because of strict regulations in the national vocational education system, it was not possible to use the teaching workshop as a production workshop, so there was only one solution: building a new workshop. This workshop is the lubricentro, which is offering a range of services with the newest technology. The name lubricentro though stems from the heart of its varied services offered: the oil change.



After construction was concluded 2 weeks ago, the lubricentro has already been able to steadily generate income and has been doing oil changes, car washes, and disk revisions daily – all of this without any major publicity gags! There had been 2 flyer actions where students were sent out to inform Peña Blanca and its surrounding community about the new business, and a sign was put up, but the main part of publicity has been happening mouth-to-mouth.

The car mechanics students have hence been able to take part in a big part of the setting up of this business – they have helped with marketing, did a market and competition research, were very helpful with construction and have had the first contacts with oil and car parts providers through workshops. It has been a great preparation phase that left the students and teacher equally excited to start working.


For one of the students that have finished their 2nd year of education, the end of the school year means that he has taken on the role as Cesar’s assistant at the lubricentro, a position that requires a lot of responsibility and which he has been fulfilling perfectly.

On this sunny Sunday, the kick-off of the business was made with music, drink, food and special offers! Who got his oil changed got a car wash for free, or could get a free diagnostic, and the providers have come by to support and give out some promotion too.


The providers, just like the school staff and Teach a Man to Fish are looking forward to seeing the Lubricentro Peña Blanca becoming a great success and if you ever are passing by Lake Yojoa in a car, do stop by and get your oil changed or car washed!


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