Honduras: Let the school year begin!

After a 2 month holiday, the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School is buzzing full of life again. At 8am on the dot the morning group of students from all technical areas and the secondary school, flock around the sunlit school yard to listen to the director Jonhny’s welcoming speech.


This year there is an overall amount of 155 students that will be learning in 2 turns: the morning groups from 7am to 11am and the afternoon group from 1pm to 4pm. Finally there will also be a primary school group again, which will be taught at 5pm by a dedicated volunteer teacher.



But there are also other exciting new things: for the first time ever, the accelerated secondary school program EDUCATODOS is getting a great English teacher, and the first year of car mechanics students will spend their first 2 months at the school getting classes in Administration of Micro-Enterprises, Applied Mathematics and a technical English course. This way the students will get a more rounded education that is geared towards specific professional needs, and these courses will subsequently be rolled out to the areas of woodcarving, carpentry and sewing.




To guarantee student welfare, there is now also a school counsellor, Kati, who has just finished her Psychology degree and has already acquainted herself during the registration process – part of registration now is a short interview with each student so that any possible problems can be identified early on.



And to not stop right here, plans have already been made for students and teachers to repair the school’s bathroom and to go pick up trash in the whole community.


So, as you see, the educational side has got lots of interesting additions, and soon enough you will be able to hear about how the businesses have been started into the year 2014!



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