Honduras: ETVSY students get active and go “to heaven and back”

A yet undiscovered place for almost all students and staff of the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School, is a piece of land on Honduras’ second highest mountain; a paradisiacal spot with the fitting name Cielitos (“little heaven”). From Cielitos you can contemplate the beauty of Lake Yojoa that is nestled between rolling green hills and coffee plantations, or venture into the cloud forest that lies just above 2 cabins that were built up there some 60 years ago.



Because of its beauty and the fresh mountain air (the cabins are to be found on 1,900mts above sea level!), a trip to Cielitos is one of the main offers of the school’s new tourism business. Thanks to funders that have seen the great potential, this trip will soon also be offered with the option to stay at Cielitos overnight! As you can tell by the pictures, though, the existing cabins can really use some renovation.


What better opportunity then, to get students and teachers involved in the planning of the necessary work?

Each teacher from the technical areas got to choose the two most involved students and off they went on their adventure.


A 30 minute ride followed by a 40 minute hike up the steep hills that was accompanied by quite some huffing and puffing, the group reached Cielitos and found this view:


Forgotten was the effort it took to get up there (the young people are all used to physical work, but do not usually have the time to hike) and after a drink of cool mountain water, the group was able to take in their surroundings. Some of the students helped with the measuring of the cabin and the future bathroom, while others thought about possible improvements for the trail.





On the way down flowers and vegetables were picked and by the afternoon, everybody was back at the school, being left with their impressions and with their teachers to talk through ideas.


It was a great day, taking a trip to heaven and back, and some interesting suggestions could be made, so we are very much looking forward to bringing up all of the other students soon too.

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