Honduras: Artists in the making – A peak over the shoulders of our woodcarvers

As you already know, the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School offers a variety of technical courses, so this time we want to show you some of the special work that is being done in the Woodcarving workshop!


Here you don’t only see young people acquiring technical skills; this is where future artists unlock their potential! Woodcarving requires an unusual amount of creativity and a feeling for wood, as teacher, aka “Head Artist”, Nestor tells us.


So, for some, even after they have  become very good technically speaking, they still have difficulties with working with the different kinds of wood. Just as a painter will apply different techniques on different backgrounds the characteristics of wood change; hardwoods like mahogany are more difficult to shape but have greater lustre and longevity. Softer woods may be easier to carve but are more prone to damage. So the learning process also includes getting to know said characteristics and learn how to work with them, or, to develop a feeling for the raw material.*






This feeling for wood will only be put to the test after a couple of months filled with a series of modules on designing and drawing, as well as on workplace security, but then the sand paper, carving set, disk sanders and buckets full of sealers define the students’ days.



Now, the question is: just what do these young people produce? Have a look at some of the amazing souvenirs!




With these the school fills up its souvenir shop and sells them to tourists, at the moment mostly medical brigades and volunteer groups in the region. It is also planned to offer products to hotels and restaurants in Peña Blanca, as well as promoting the services for carving furniture that the carpentry workshop produces.


A great possibility for the school on their way to diversify income and a very promising profession for the students after having finished their courses, woodcarving really links technical skills with artistry.



If you ever get the chance of going to Honduras the school awaits you at their souvenir shop! (Also check out the new Facebook page for Tours&Souvenirs Las Palmeras https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tours-Souvenirs-Las-Palmeras


*If you want to find out more about woodcarving, follow this link http://www.thewoodcarverscabin.com/library_historywoodcarving.html


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