Guatemala: Interview with teacher Allan Tzib about the school’s inspiring business

This month our Enterprising Schools Network Officer, Janira visited ITASACAN School in rural  Senahú, Guatemala. The school is attended by almost 70 young men and women, aged 14 to 21.

ITASACAN already has two school businesses up and running. The school has its own bank – where a student can take out a loan of up to 20 Quetzales ($3 USD) and a student shop–where they can buy drinks, snacks and agricultural products.

The school took part in the School Enterprise Challenge 2014 and was inspired to start a new school business, producing and selling organic fertilizers. The business was a success, selling to local farmers

We asked Allan Tzib, the teacher who led the business, about the experience of starting-up this new project.

What motivated you to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge?

“One of the motivating factors that made me enter the competition was my desire to involve students in an extracurricular activity where they can improve their knowledge through business. I wanted to show them that anything can be achieved through hard work, and that there are different ways of living through new and entrepreneurial ideas.”

What kinds of skills did your students learn through the competition?

“The competition benefited students’ learning abilities. For example, students developed their mathematics and accounting skills. Their participation also taught students how to take on multiple responsibilities and complete their tasks.”

What did you find most Challenging?

“The challenge we faced was starting late and working under a tight deadline. This made it more difficult to get everything ready to begin selling on time. A way we faced this challenge was by giving students shifts to complete their tasks. This way we were able to get more students involved and share the workload.”

It was inspiring to see how this school dealt with their challenges and how the groups’ competitive and entrepreneurial mindset kept them going!

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