Central America: Schools taking their businesses to the next level

Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt is the school enterprise set up by 14 motivated students from Colegio Hermano Pedro Betancourt in Managua, Nicaragua. The school is a member of our Enterprising Schools Network, Central America. The business has been able to increase its production and creative capacity from making Christmas cards and has begun having a workshop in which the students produce plaster sculptures from images of sacred art. This way the school is taking advantage of  their location directly next to a Catholic church.


Professor Henry, who is in charge of the workshop and is responsible for monitoring the young entrepreneurs and their participation in the School Enterprise Challenge, has expressed that thanks to Teach A Man To Fish and the educational resources, the school business has now begun to move towards sustainability.

Similarly, he expressed his satisfaction in becoming part of the Enterprising Schools Network, which he believes to be a space in which both teachers and students can continue to strengthen entrepreneurship.

“The training given by Teach a Man to Fish has helped us inspired our entrepreneur students to develop school enterprises and become young inspirational leaders in their communities”

                                  Henry, Teacher at the Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt

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