Central America: Making new friends through the Enterprising School Network

On Thursday 22nd of January, the Enterprising Schools Network, Central America held its first conference, where members aa well as participants of the School Enterprise Challenge 2014 united. Ten participating schools from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua met at host school La Bastilla in Jinotega, Nicaragua.


The participants were in for a treat as they began the climb up through the lush forest to where the La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture and Tourism is based. The one and a half day conference kick started with presentations from the schools and countries present, followed by workshops and  a tour of La Bastilla’s many school businesses – dairy herd, chicken coop, vegetable garden, piggery and coffee production. One of the La Bastilla teachers gave the tour explaining how each of the businesses is run by groups of students – useful information for schools interested in developing a new business!


Throughout the conference, participants shared their experiences of the School Enterprise Challenge and how the competition has helped them to develop their school businesses. Exchanging stories with one another made participants realize they share common priorities for the coming year. No matter where a school is located, they have similar objectives – improving the wellbeing of students and providing quality and relevant education that prepares students for success.


Besides socializing and exchanging ideas of how the Enterprising School Network can continue to support its members, Teach A Man To Fish representatives gave workshops on fundraising, and monitoring and evaluation. Here participants learned about creative ways to raise money for starting up a business. They also participated in interactive activities to better understand the importance of keeping records.

The first Enterprising School Network conference was a great success! Those who took part return to their school excited to share what they learnt their colleagues and students. 

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