Central America: It’s raining workshops! Delivering workshops and teaming up with local partner organisations to support schools

Workshops are a key way that Teach a Man to Fish support schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge to set up successful, educational businesses. There are three rounds of workshops given per year, one for each stage of the competition; coming up with a business idea, writing a business plan and running a business. These interactive workshops support schools develop a business that suits their local context. Our work with local partner organisations including the Secretariat of Education and World Vision in Honduras, AMCHAM and INDEF in Nicaragua and DIGEEX in Guatemala is helping us to reach even more schools!

So far in 2015 there have been 17 workshops across Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua involving 150 people; 11 tailored workshops to help schools come up with an idea for their business and six workshops to support schools to write their business plan.

Why are workshops so important?

Workshops help keep schools engaged at each stage of the competition and familiarise teachers with educational resources they will be using with students. Workshops also allow us to meet face to face with students and teachers participating in the competition as well as our partners. This is very important to us because it allows us to put a face to each business idea, business plan and every school enterprise. The bonds we build through these workshops are priceless.

Why are our partners so important?

Working in partnership with other organisations allows us to reach far more people. In Central America, we work with 10 partners to help us deliver the School Enterprise Challenge. These organisations support us in many ways including delivering workshops, checking on school’s progress and motivating schools to start their businesses.


Business Planning Workshops

Our recent business planning workshops covered topics related to the steps of writing a business plan. During the workshops, participants learned how to write a financial plan, a SWOT analysis for theirpotential business (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) and do market research!

The enthusiasm of teachers participating in the workshops and their determination to progress in the competition is really exciting for us.

"This is fantastic and I do it because it will serve my students to succeed and become better people and better prepared"said a teacher from El Paraiso in Honduras.

"The award will stay in Honduras this year!,"says another teacher from the central district in Honduras where registrations exceed 200 schools!        

Looking forward...

After finishing our business planning workshops teachers had only one question: when is the next workshop? Workshops to help schools run their businesses are coming soon but we have still many more business planning workshops in store for our Nicaraguan schools! We have no doubt that our workshops bring us closer to our budding school entrepreneurs! So what do we do? We keep the “rain” coming.

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