Benin - Update from business planning and capacity building at CPET Don Bosco School in Parakou

We are now four days into our collaboration with the CPET Don Bosco school in Parakou.

The first few days have been busy but extremely productive. Our consultants have been getting to know the staff and familiarising themselves with the already impressive businesses operating in the school. A range of school staff, students, workshop heads and other staff have taken part in the first three training sessions, which have seen lively debates on the aims of education and interesting discussions around the steps involved in planning a business and how to execute them.


After initial consultations, the school decided to test out 9 different business ideas. After subjecting them to feasibility and SWOT analyses during the workshops, they are now left with 7 potential businesses  : carpentry, auto-mechanics, metalwork, construction, tailoring and clothes production, electrical services and rental of conference rooms. Today, the participants are out in force, conducting market research and competitor analysis in Parakou, based on the questionnaires they designed in yesterday's workshop.


Student Justin says 'We have already learned a lot of useful things, not only in terms of developing our school business but also for our personal development. The workshops are really practical.'

School Director, Father Frank Ametekpe says 'The training has started well with a good dynamic from the TAMTF trainers and a lot of engagement from the school team. I hope that our collaboration will bear fruit for the school.'


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