School Enterprises

A school enterprise is a business that is owned by a school but that is led and staffed by its students. The innovative school business approach provides a high-quality, low-cost business and skills-based education that is reinforced by hands-on experience. At the same time school enterprises build schools’ ability to generate a sustainable income and plan for their future.
Benefits of  School Enterprises
  • Students recieve a relevant education: Obtaining hands-on experience in a school enterprise helps to bridge the gap between education and the workplace, and teaches students vital business and entreprenuerial skills.
  • Students gain skills that prepare them for success in work and in life: Students gain transferable skills like confidence, teamwork and communication skills through running a real-life business. Research has shown that these life skills are among those most valued by employers. 
  • Schools use profits to develop their facilities: Schools have used the profits from their business to buy new equipment, to train teachers, or improve their school. Community Secondary School in Nigeria used some of their profits to renovate their school buildings.
  • Schools use profits to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds: Schools have used profits to pay for uniforms, books and school fees for poorer studentsPatmos Junior School in Kenya have used some of their profits to pay for school meals for their most disadvantaged students.
  • Schools use profits to help their communities: Mira Model School in India used their profits to help buy equipment for special needs students at another school, whilst Selly Park School in South Africa supported other schools in setting up their own businesses.

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