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Rwandan Girls' Education & Advancement Programme 

Teach A Man To Fish is working with partner Health Poverty Action (HPA) in Nyaruguru, South-West Rwanda. The project aims to complement government efforts to improve education in Rwanda, more specifically to tackle issues around girls education. 

What Teach A Man To Fish are doing:

Nyaruguru is one of the most impoverished areas of Rwanda. Here, we are supporting 28 rural primary and secondary schools to set-up school businesses. The school business profit will go toward improving school resources and importantly toward helping some of the most marginalized girls in the community attend and stay in school.

Within the 28 schools we have seen a variety of businesses get off to a great start including bakeries, piggeries, banana plantations, tailoring and grain stores. Many schools have begun to generate a healthy profit. See here the story of Nyanza primary school who are running a stationery business. They used profits to provide 5 marginalized girls with school stationery kits they otherwise couldn’t afford. 

 As with all our school business projects, students work in all aspects of the business to learn practical, hands-on skills that will support them to find employment or start their own business after graduation. 

The wider project:

Other activities headed by HPA focus on education, health and awareness raising to make schools girl-friendly and reduce drop-outs. These activities include;

  • Creating mother daughter clubs. These clubs act as a support group to encouraging girls to stay in school and also financially support marginalized girls school costs through income generation activities.
  • Constructing ECOSAN toilets. The toilets provide separate areas for boys and girls washing and changing areas as well as improving health through more sanitary facilities.
  • Increasing awareness on the importance of girls education through a partner Urunana and their radio soap opera.

This project is supported by the UK Department for International Development.

Image left here shows a chicken house being built next to a hill-top school and right, sorghum, a common grain used in Rwanda in porridge.             

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