Pan African Award Winners 2014

First Prize
Imagine Scholar- South Africa
Imagine Scholar South Africa enables secondary school students to become responsible social leaders in their communities. Students are encouraged to address issues in their community by becoming involved in community projects they are passionate about. Imagine scholar students do year-long internships, developing personally and professionally in a work-based environment. The project is starting to fund itself through its successful graduate community. Imagine Scholar aims to reach the whole region and establish a wide network of active and devoted alumni to sustain its impact. 
Runners up
Sawa World- Uganda
Sawa World uses several innovative educational approaches to empower youth living in extreme poverty including:(1)Providing large-scale education on, and access to, locally-created solutions that can instantly be replicated by vulnerable youth to improve their livelihoods and increase their income by $2 to $4 dollars per day.(2) Inspiring entrepreneurship among unemployed youth in developing counties by highlighting inspiring and selfless community entrepreneurs that live in extreme poverty yet have found successful innovations to poverty eradication.(3) Employing marginalised youth (Sawa World Youth) to create education tools on proven solutions to poverty reduction in their communities and share these among thousands of marginalised youth. Some of the learning tools that the youth create on local solutions are “how to” videos, learning posters and outdoor practical exhibitions.
Join The Pipe- Kenya
Join The Pipe is an initiative of the International Transformation Foundation. The project enables schools to set up on-site water kiosks - with multiple benifits for students. The kiosks are managed by pupils, promoting responsibility and commitment and children no longer need to be absent from school to queue at a borehole. Overall sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools are also improved and money is generated within the school through a repaid loan system. Join The Pipe is a sustainable business that sells clean water to community residents at an affordable price. The business also reduces plastic waste and CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of unsustainable bottles.

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