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Welcome to the October edition of the Teach A Man To Fish quarterly e-bulletin!

From incubating entrepreneurs in Nigeria to keeping cows in Kenya - and even the odd reminder about our upcoming conference in Tanzania!  - welcome to another edition of the Teach A Man To Fish quarterly newsletter!

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Education That Pays For Itself 2012: Workshops for Success

Kenyan Stars: Ondati and Larqueen

News in Brief: Cunning Plans, Teacher Resources & More

African Winners: Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Nigeria & Uganda


Education That Pays For Itself 2012: Workshops for Success

New Workshops on Business Planning and Teaching through School Based Enterprises added to conference program. Only one month to go, so register fast!

Now in its sixth year, Education that Pays for Itself 2012 will take place from 30th October until 1st November 2012 at the Professional College of Njombe in Njombe, South West Tanzania.

This year's conference theme, "2012: Sustainable Education; Youth, Entrepreneurship & Employment" emphasizes the need to provide young people today an education designed to prepare them for economic success tomorrow.

In addition to the ever popular Round-table and Marketplace formats, this year we've added in some practical workshops covering how to get started in planning for financial sustainability, as well as how to use school based enterprises in classes as a teaching aid.

With only a month to go before the event time is running out, so register now to secure your place!


Full details on the event including program, costs and logistics can be found at here

Kenyan Stars: Ondati and Larqueen

Making a difference in the lives of young girls in Kenya.

When we started out involvement with the Ondati village in Kenya, there was only a bare field and a few home made bricks where Ondati Girls Secondary School now stands.

Four years on and the school's first students are set to graduate this December, and the on-campus businesses are now firmly established - providing a valuable source of extra income for the school and a great hands-on learning opportunity for the girls.

This is a great testament to the hard work of the local community, and the dedicated support of Teach A Man To Fish Field Officers who've stuck with them through thick and thin, through sickness and sickness and sickness and occasionally health!

So has it been worth it? Certainly! It's about creating an institution that will keep on delivering year after year; it's about the personal stories of change & raised aspiration that challenge us to reach ever greater numbers through our work.

Take Larqueen Ocampo for instance. At 14 years old, this is her first year at Ondati having moved to the area from Mombasa. Her favourite business at the school is the dairy, mostly because she has 7 cows at home and often passes on what she has learnt to her father.

Her family previously did not bother spraying and vaccinating the cows because of the cost involved. Obviously this meant her family's cows often fell sick, which meant more money would be spent on vet's fees.

She has since persuaded her father to slightly increase their expenditure in order to increase their milk yield. This involves spraying and vaccinating as well as giving supplements like dairy meal and salt lick. "We are starting to see the milk yield improve, in fact my father keeps telling me to come back with more tips from Ben (the Ondati Project Coordinator)".

She previously wanted to be a soldier when she was older but has since started researching schemes such as the government backed Women's Enterprise Fund for help with start up costs for any future businesses she might start. Current ideas include a women's football league and Fried Chicken shop. "I don't want to go back to Mombasa as here I can receive more help in writing a business plan and acquiring the funds for my own business!"

Ondati staff and students are just some of the many organizations with first hand experience of using School Based Enterprises for income generation and hands-on learning who will be taking part in Education That Pays For Itself 2012 next month...

News in Brief...

School Business Plans Now Online

Writing a business plan can seem scary even for regular entrepreneurs, but for teachers tasked with setting up a school enterprise it can be positively terrifying!

Fortunately we have a solution. Our easy-to-use template and the inspiration provided by reading a few real-life plans written by other schools should make planning your enterprise so straightforward... students can even do it!

From Nepal, to Belarus, to Zambia, you can now access high quality business plans from last year's School Enterprise Challenge, click here!

Launch of Online Resources For UK Teachers

A range of free classroom resources from Teach A Man To Fish are now online.

This suite of lesson plans and accompanying resources have been created by teachers for teachers. Creative activities link to many different aspects of the curriculum at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 including Geography, Citizenship and Business Studies. To download these resources, click here.

NB: Although these materials have been designed with the UK curriculum in mind, we'd love to know if they're of use to teachers in other countries too. Take a look, and if you find them useful, please send us a mail!

Teach A Man To Fish Network hits 3,000 Members

The Teach A Man To Fish Members' Network is an international community of schools, education organizations and individuals working in education committed to sustainable approaches to tackling poverty.

Covering 125+ countries, and now with over 3,000 members reaching more than 23 million beneficiaries, the network continues to connect practitioners and organizations to share ideas and innovations, supporting the growth of a grass-roots movement to transform traditional education into Education That Pays For Itself. If you believe education needs some fresh thinking if it's to sustainably meet the needs of young people, come join us now!

African Winners: Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Nigeria & Uganda

From school garden incubators to community 'change agents' there's a lot to learn from the EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards Winners 2011!

In case you somehow missed our results announcement earlier in the year, the Smallholders Foundation, Nigeria scooped first prize in the EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-Africa Awards 2011, closely followed by Uganda Rural Development Trust and Volunteer Uganda.

When it comes to sustainably creating a measurable impact, the Smallholders Foundation rightly deserves widespread recognition.

The Smallholders Foundation established its Future Farmers Program to tackle youth unemployment and empower young Nigerians, especially girls with practical, valuable and lifetime skills. Agricultural, environmental management, financial education and entrepreneurship skills are acquired through the establishment of modern community or school crops, fruit trees and livestock garden which students entirely own and manage.

Through this approach young people are empowered to sell the garden products, place the money in a Saving Bank Account and use the profit to grant themselves micro-loans to establish similar gardens at home, eventually becoming self- employed.

The program takes place at each school on one acre of land donated by school authorities, however, thanks to the focus on students replicating these activities on their families' plots, over 1,700 students have now setup small home garden enterprises after taking part in this initiative.

As part of their prize, representatives from the Smallholders Foundation, along with Uganda Rural Development Trust and will be joining us at Education That Pays For Itself 2012 and sharing some of the insights into their great success. Come along to find out more!

The EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards 2012 will open shortly for entries. Don't miss out on announcements, join the free Teach A Man To Fish Members Network and receive regular news, program ideas & funding opportunities direct to your mailbox. Click here to sign up.

Discover more about these past winners online:



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