Newsletter December 2013

Welcome to the December edition of the Teach A Man To Fish quarterly e-bulletin!

2013 has been a year of exciting developments at Teach A Man To Fish and we'd like to share with you our highlights from the past 12 months, including the massive expansion of our School Enterprise Challenge, inspiring action at our Annual Conference and developments at our partner schools around the world! 

In This Issue

School Enterprise Challenge: Breaking Records and Making Friends

Student Spotlight: Josue Montalvan wins Scholorship to EARTH University, Costa Rica

Conference 2013: Inspiring Action!

News in Brief: From Distance Learning in Afghanistan to Teach A Man To Fish TV

East Africa: A Hub of School Business Activity

Honduras: Oiling the Wheels of Change 

School Enterprise Challenge: Breaking Records and Making Friends

Our School Enterprise Challenge has had a record breaking year. Meet two entrepreneurial schools who formed a very successful, international partnership in 2013!

An incredible 1000 schools joined this year's competition, with students from 80 countries around the world planning and launching school businesses. Students have planned and launched businesses as diverse as Guinea Pig farming in Peru, Recycled Crafts in India, and Milkshake Bars in Mauritius!

This year's competition has been packed with many exciting opportunities for participating schools. We've been able to offer teachers and students a new full suite of free educational resources, a mentor programme and many more mini competitions and school partnerships.

International School Partnerships

School Partnerships are all about communicating, learning from each other and having fun. One of our most successful School Partnerships has been between The Birches Pre-primary School, South Africa and Carlogie Primary School in Scotland.

To start the schools swapped business plans and communicated by email. Eventually the schools traded the products from their businesses. The South African school students sent Carlogie £250 worth of bracelets, which the Scottish students sold at their monthly fairtrade café enterprise, 'Fairlogie'. The partnership gave students an opportunity to look at international trade and has created a lasting relationship between the two schools.

Winners of School Enterprise Challenge 2013 will be announced in early March!

Student Spotlight: Josue Montalvan wins scholarship to EARTH University, Costa Rica

At Teach A Man To Fish students are at the centre of everything we do. Meet Josue Montalvan from our partner school in Nicaragua.

We are so proud of all the La Bastilla students, who in October immersed themselves in an intensive two week internship programme. Barely a week after graduating, two-thirds of students have already been offered jobs. This shows that our "learning-by-doing" methodology really does equip young people with the skills that they need to succeed in the workplace!

We're delighted that one of this year's La Bastilla graduates, Josue Montalvan, has been awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious EARTH University in Costa Rica.

"I believe that these placements have provided us with a solid base for entering the job-market as they taught us how to get on with new people and, at the same time, allowed us to see and feel what life in the working-world is like" Josue

Read more about Josue's Story here.



'Education that Pays For Itself' 2013: Inspiring Action!

Our annual conferences are all about stimulating real change. Read some of the commitments to action made by participants at this year's conference in Paraguay!

From October 22nd to 24th Teach A Man To Fish, with their partners Fundacíon Paraguaya held the largest ever 'Education that Pays for Itself' conference at San Francisco Agricultural School. This year's theme was 'Linking Education, Employability and Enterprise' and some 160 people from over 20 countries attended from around the world.

After a 3 days of workshops, round-table discussions and networking events participants were asked to share one commitment with the group that they would implement in their schools around the world.

Here are some of the commitments made at this year's conference!

"Firstly, I will spread enthusiasm for the sustainable education model among my colleagues" Richard, South Africa 

"I will share the experiences of this conference and promise to spread the word and the value of this model of education" Pavia, Paraguay

"With hope and creativity I will create incentives for all students who are in desperate situations" Kelly, Canada

See photo highlights from this year's conference here.

East Africa: A Hub of School Business Activity

Our partnership with Mackay Memorial College in Uganda has been creating a Teach A Man To Fish hub of school business activity in East Africa. Read about their unique school business and how it is taking Kampala by storm.

Our field officers have been doing fantastic outreach work, with workshops, trainings and events happening across the region. Over 120 Ugandan teachers have been trained this year on how to include entrepreneurship in the classroom, helping yet more students in Uganda get an entrepreneurial education.

Mackay's school business is a cultural entertainment group- available to hire for weddings, parties and corporate events! In October the troupe were hand-selected by the chair-lady of Kampala Capital City Authority to perform at the annual Kampala City Carnival. Not only a great platform to showcase the talent , but a brilliant opportunity to promote the school business!

Check out their Facebook page here.


Honduras: Oiling the Wheels of Change

Our partner school in Honduras has made amazing progress this year setting up a variety of school businesses including car service garage run by their mechanic students!

This year our partner DSY Technical School in Honduras has set up new businesses in tourism and car mechanics. The school teaches a great range of practical skills such as carpentry, car mechanics and sewing to disadvantaged young people.

After lengthy preparation the Lubricentro Peña Blanca officially opened its doors to the Public on December 16th. The mechanic students are really enthusiastic and have benefited from being involved with the business at every stage, getting the chance to practice customer service, sales and marketing, and of course, their mechanic skills!


Read more about the the journey of the Lubricentro here.


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