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Welcome to the August edition of the Teach A Man To Fish quarterly e-bulletin!

From eco-bags in Mauritius to networking in Nicaraguay- Welcome to another edition of the Teach A Man To Fish quarterly newsletter! 

Entrepreneurship in Education: The Pan-African Awards Are Back! 

Green Enterprise: Schools Turning Garbage to Gold 

News in Brief: Cast a Vote For Sustainable Education, Now!!! 

Education That Pays For Itself 2011: Viva Nicaragua


Entrepreneurship in Education: The Pan-African Awards Are Back!

For Africa to be able to be able to rise to the challenges of tomorrow, more and better education will be a key requirement - and not more of the same. This will require new and entrepreneurial models which can be replicated and taken to scale.

To support the best organizations developing such models Educating Africa and Teach A Man To Fish are proud to announce the EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2011.

As well as a First Prize of $10,000 and two Runners-Up Prizes of $5,000, there are up to 50 Awards of $1,000 available for the best entry from every country on the continent!

The top three award-winners will also receive a fully sponsored trip to the Education That Pays For Itself 2012 the premier international conference on Sustainable Education.

The competition is open to all organizations based in Africa working in education, from primary through to tertiary, as well as in non-formal and adult education.

For more information or to submit an entry, click here. Deadline for Applications: 10th October 2011.

Help us spread news of these awards,  download the Awards Information Pack 2011 & pass it on!.


Green Enterprise: Schools Turning Garbage to Gold!

A common response when we talk about schools setting up their own educational income enterprises - particularly in developing countries - is 'yes, but where does the start-up money come from?'.

The answer is that it takes a little more entrepreneurial creativity to start with nothing, but it's perfectly possible - as some of the eco-enterprises taking part in our School Enterprise Challenge are showing.

 Students at Droopnath Ramphul State College in Mauritius for example are transforming old pairs of jeans into 'Eco-bags'. It's a creative form of 'up-cycling' has great profit-making potential as the costs are so low, as well as reducing textile waste.

Likewise at Central Model School in Pakistan they've been collecting empty bottles, jars , tin, and boxes which would normally get thrown out. With a little decoration they've been transforming them into a range of products from wall hangings to pen holders.

May Christian College in Uganda have started the '3R Recycling Company Uganda'. They intend to produce and supply shopping bags, hand bags, baskets, belts, door mats, shoes, ear rings & wallets - all made using plastic straws!

The straws are sorted, sterilized, rinsed, sun dried and then flattened. Finally, the straws are woven, as you would with grasses and natural straw, to form a long strip in the shape of a thick belt - which can be joined together as needed to make the above products.

Turning garbage into gold provides a range of great learning opportunities for students - and a little seed capital for the school's next enterprise Endeavour!

Read more from these and some of the 600+ other schools participating in the School Enterprise Challenge 2011, click here!


Education That Pays For Itself 2011: Viva Nicaragua!

Registration has now opened for the fifth international conference on Sustainable Education, which will take place from 25-27 October 2011 in La Bastilla, Nicaragua.

Everybody talks about the importance of education for fighting poverty, but very few have concrete ideas on how to pay for it, and how to make it meet the needs of the poorest.

 If you've ever got tired of constantly battling to raise enough funds to keep your education program running another year, then this is one conference you shouldn't miss!

 Education That Pays For Itself 2011 will be bring together over 100 participants including some of the world's leading experts on Financially Sustainable Education. This year's conference theme, "2011 Theme: Sustainable Education, Transforming Outcomes for Students" emphasizes the ultimate goal of all education - creating positive change for students - and yet an aim which is too often forgotten when schools measure their performance based on enrollment levels and exam pass rates.

A major focus of the conference will be how the changes required to target financial self-sufficiency directly support improvements in the quality of learning and outcomes for students - equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in life.

The conference will be hosted by FEER at their La Bastilla Technical High School just outside the town of Jinotega in Nicaragua.Increasingly funded by seven small businesses - including an award-winning ecolodge where participants can stay! - La Bastilla is a great example of 'Education That Pays For Itself' in practice.

For more information, visit the conference website.

Note: Early Bird Registration rates end September 1st and capacity is limited. Don't miss out, register now!

News in Brief...

Cast a Vote For Sustainable Education, Now!!!!

The good news is our Financially Self-Sufficient School Model - as pioneered by the Fundacion Paraguaya - is through to the semi-finals of the prestigious Ashoka Changemakers ' 'Powering Economic Opportunity' competition - but now it's down to a public vote to see who makes the finals.

The deadline's August 10th which means there's only one day left, so please vote now!!! Click here, then click on the 'tick' (at the top-right of screen)!


Presenting the all new Teach A Man To Fish website!

It's been a very long time coming, but it's finally here - the all new Teach A Man To Fish website is finally live! Now it's even easier to find the info that interests you. 

We've project blogs to keep supporters in the loop, downloadable resources and links for Schools & NGOs overseas, a revamped Members area, videos, animations and so much more -check it out now at www.teachamantofish.org.uk!


Jambo Tanzania!

Having been working on some exciting school projects in Uganda and Kenya over the last couple of years, we're delighted to be working alongside our sister organization, Fundacion Paraguaya, on a substantial initiative to support the development of five self-sufficient schools in Tanzania over the next five years. We can't say more for now, but watch this space - things are going to get interesting!


Chirpy Tweets! 

If you're on the more privileged side of the digital divide there's really no escaping Twitter these days - the perfect way to share ideas & links in 141 characters or less.

For folk interested in the world of education, entrepreneurship and sustainable schools, come join the tribe and follow the Twitter face of Teach A Man To Fish- @Nik_Kafka.

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