Latin America Projects

Teach A Man To Fish is a registered NGO in Nicaragua with three staff based at our Nicaraguan Office who help manage School Enterprise Challenge, Central America. We also have an official agreement with the Honduran Ministry of Education to work with government schools to set up school businesses.

We have been working with individual partner schools in Central America since 2009, and in 2014 we set up the Enterprising Schools Network in order to bring school businesses and youth entrepreneurship to many more schools across Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.  The Enterprising Schools Network had an exciting first year with 420 children and young people aged 6 to 20 now learning vital business skills through a school business.The Enterprising Schools Network also brings together schools running school businesses to share learning and best practice. This group of schools are now core members of the network and inspire other schools in the region.

La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School

We have worked with La Bastilla, a vocational technical school in the coffee plantations of Northern Nicaragua since 2009, helping to develop seven school businesses, including an eco-hotel, egg production and a dairy business. Our recent graduate survey found that over 90% of graduates are in further study or in a well-paying job six months after graduating- well above the national average. The school covers 85% of its total running costs through its school businesses. Read more.

More work in Central America and South America

From pickles in Peru to coffee beans in Guatemala, more and more schools in this region are finding our education model helps give more young people access to education and a solution to youth unemployment. Find out more.

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