Honduras: My first month in Peña Blanca and the “Escuela Técnica Vocacional Dr. Stephen Youngberg”

Hi, my name is Anders and I am the new (and first) project officer in Honduras. This year Teach a Man to Fish started collaboration with Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational Schoolin Peña Blanca, with a business plan written by Teach A Man To Fish in April of 2012, and the school is now in the process of turning its courses into school businesses.

Nicaragua: Final project presentations


As the school year is drawing to an end, the 15 students from 3rd year have now passed the last step on their way to becoming ‘Bachilleres Técnicos en Agropecuaria’*: the presentation of their final projects.

Waiting for the presentations to start


Workshop Time in La Bastilla


Long expected news from our Technical High School in Nicaragua are due. And we are very happy to tell you that the past month has been filled with exciting opportunities to acquire new skills: next to studying for their midterm exams students have participated in a range of workshops, from small, one-day meetings teaching them dining room etiquette to a 4-days artificial insemination course and a 2-days tour guide workshop.

Education That Pays For Itself Conference 2012: Only 1 Month Away!

Teach A Man To Fish are very excited to announce that we will be holding our sixth annual conference at our partner school, the Professional College of Njombe in Njombe, Tanzania from 30th October - 1st November 2012. The Professional College of Njombe is currently in its first year of implementing the sustainable education model.

Nepal: Conclusion of the research

Over the last weeks of the project we held meetings with government and the community to review our research and assess the best approach for the district. Initially, the college had appeared like the most suitable option as this would provide vocational training for the unemployed youth and tackle the current problem of high unemployment. However further consultation with the community demonstrated that the focus should be to develop the quality of education from a young age- creating a strong educational foundation for the district.

Nepal: School visits

After completing market research we continued to develop our understanding of the exisitng education system. This involved completing a survey of government schools in Manang to review the current challenges faced by teachers and students. In Pokhara and Kathmandu we visited  private schools to compare the quality and understand why parents in Manang choose to send their children to study outside the district.

Kenya: Field Trip

It has been an exciting month at for the students at Ondati Secondary school. 

The students who have achieved the most ‘stars’ (these are given after a student has performed very well in the school enterprises) were rewarded with an  educational field trip to the biggest business in the area, Sukari Sugar Factory in Riat. 

Nicaragua: Changes in La Bastilla

After our great volunteer blogs, it is now my turn to take over. My name’s Christine, and I have just finished my first month as La Bastilla’s brand new Tourism Officer. My main tasks consist in getting our Ecolodge to realise its full potential and to teach the students the perks of working in the hotel and tourism industry.

Vacancies: Programme Support Fellows x2 (UK & Overseas)

We are launching a new Fellowship Scheme and looking to hire 2 fellows on an 18-months contract, of which 6 months will be in our London office and 12 months at an overseas placement in a developing country.

Volunteers Steve and Nicky, great final weeks at La Bastilla

 As we write this final blog, we sit in the computer lab that we set up for this incredible school that has been our home for the past month. The lab represents a large part of our work here and the impact we’ve had on the school. When we arrived, there were only two functional computers for student use and computer classes had to be held in a school twenty minutes walk away.

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