Nicaragua; exciting update from Dianova school as they start on their journey to self-sufficiency

As part of our technical assistance work in Nicaragua in July 2011 Teach A Man To Fish developed a business plan for the Esther del Río Las Marías school. The school was set up by Dianova Foundation in 1998, an international foundation specialising in education, youth, addiction prevention and treatment work, and the school is classed as a social protection centre, catering to many students with difficult backgrounds such as families affected by drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence.

Teach A Man To Fish launch the Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge 2013

Following the success of last year’s competition, Teach A Man To Fish are pleased to announce our partnership with the Royal Commonwealth Society and Ashoka to launch the Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge 2013

School Enterprise Challenge 2012 results!

We are very excited to announce the winners of the School Enterprise Challenge 2012! 

Congratulations to all the schools, teachers and students that took part in the 2012 competition. Over 800 schools from over 40 different countries took part in the competition, launching businesses as diverse as organic beekeeping to environmentally friendly arts and crafts. Prizes are awarded at global, regional and country levels. 

Honduras: New students at the Tech School

At the Escuela Tecnica Dr Stephen Youngberg the new school year started first Monday in February. And even though many of the students continue their studies from last year in their respective fields, a new school year also means new students at the school. There are 157 students enrolled this year, 72 in the technical areas and 85 in the Educatodos programme (primary and secondary education). Of the 72 students enrolled on the technical courses 40 of them are new at the school, starting their technical education.

Nicaragua: A new journey begins for students at La Bastilla


Yes, it  has finally started: the new school year! So the youngsters we told you about in one of the past blogs have left and made space for our students of the Agricultural Technical High School.

While for most of the 2nd and 3rd year students, life at the boarding school is simply returning to an already well-known routine, for 29 it is the beginning of an exciting journey.

Nicaragua: student Wilmer Paz wins scholarship to the Earth University in Costa Rica


We are proud to announce that one of this year’s graduates from La Bastilla Agricultural Technical High School in Nicaragua, Wilmer Paz, has been awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious EARTH University in Costa Rica.

Honduras: Preparing for a new school year

A new school year is about to start at the Escuela Técnica Vocacional Dr. Stephen Youngberg, and both school administration and business managers have already been back for two weeks. As the new school year will involve many changes for staff and students, all employees are working hard with their preparations in these weeks leading up to the new school year. The school’s business plan was written last year, but it has taken some time for staff to become familiar with it, and the school has been facing some challenges to implement the plan.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla - It´s a pig´s life...What to do when your pig has given birth?

This is a question that the students of La Bastilla Agricultural Technical High School are facing about once a month – the school is currently trying to consolidate their pig business, and the recent birth of 9 piglets gives us the perfect opportunity to enlighten our readers:

Honduras: November at the tech school

November has in many ways been a quiet month at the school, as the students started their Christmas holidays in mid November.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla - What happens when the school is closed for holidays?

At the Colegio Técnico Agropecuario La Bastilla a 2 months holiday for the students doesn’t mean that all classrooms and the boarding school are closed up and left to the antsy Nicaraguan spiders. On the contrary, not only do students here spend 2 weeks out of 8 taking care of one of the production areas, furthermore every week 3 to 4 prospective students spend a practical week in order to see if they like the school and its hands-on approach.

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