Meet La Bastilla's students: Eduardo Herrera Navarro

This week marks the end of our first semester here at La Bastilla and, for our first-year students, the end of their first 6 months in a boarding school.  I thought that this would be a good moment to have a catch up with one of our students, Eduardo Herrera Navarro from the first year, to find out how he feels about having survived his first semester here!

Collaboration across continents and cultures

In the world of international development, there is a lot of interest in what genuine partnerships look like between NGOs* based in Europe or the US, and NGOs in low or middle income countries. Money, power and history can sometimes make it difficult for genuinely equal partnerships to exist, and all too often the name ‘partnership’ is used to describe a relationship where one side is has a lot more power and voice than the other.

Honduras: The Latin America Field team is sharing the vision (and the workforce)

OR:  How an Austrian with a slight Nicaraguan accent spent 2 weeks at the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School

After having lived in the wonderful Nicaraguan mountains for 10 months and working on our La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School, I have had the chance to visit our Honduras project, set in an equally breathtaking surrounding: The Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School, as faithful followers of the Honduras blog already know, is a technical school that has been running their programme for about 15 years.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla celebrates Agronomist Day

On the 15th of May, La Bastilla School celebrated Agronomy Day.  Despite the fact that in the UK we have cards for every occasion, I had never heard of Agronomy Day until I arrived here in Nicaragua.  In fact, until I came to Latin America for the first time, I had never even heard of Agronomy.  However, in Nicaragua, where almost a third of the economically active population is employed in Agriculture, the subject of Agronomy is held in high esteem. 

Teach A Man To Fish facilitates UNESCO e-conference on ICT for vocational education and training

This month Teach A Man To Fish is excited to be facilitating the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-forum’s virtual conference on the ICT revolution for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (or TVET).

The conference is running from the 14th to the 28th of May and already over 200 members have signed up and are participating online.

Afghanistan: Business Planning and Implementation Training

Teach A Man To Fish are now continuing their partnership with People In Need (PIN) in Afghanistan to support the implementation of 3 businesses at 3 schools in Baghlan, Nanagarhar and Samangen provinces through distance support. We initially supported PIN to develop detailed business plans and budgets for these 3 businesses, through workshop materials, templates and intensive mentoring.

Hunger Hurts: Staff member Anna-Joy Rickard shares her experience of living on £1 a day

£10, 2 people, 5 days - last Sunday my husband and I headed to Asda with £1 to spend on our food & drink each day for the week. Yes, it was the Live Below The Line challenge this week organised by the Global Poverty Project (www.livebelowtheline.com/ukand I have learnt far more from it than I expected to.

'The Milky Way' - Leena's first blog from La Bastilla, Nicaragua

Hello, my name is Leena and I’ll be the new Field Officer at La Bastilla for the next few months.

Having lived in London for most of my life I’m one of those oblivious city-folk that has very little idea of where my food comes from.

2012 Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education - Results Announced!

We are very happy to announce the results of the 2012 Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education.

This year we are awarding organisations from 33 different countries with a total of $50,000 in prizes. The competition rewards organisations in Africa that are taking an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach to Education. Over 350 different organisations from across the continent, from Sudan to South Africa, Nigeria to Namibia and Botswana to Burundi, took part in the competition.

India: School Enterprise Workshops at the British Council and Visits to School Enterprise Challenge Schools!

In March, Teach A Man To Fish had the pleasure of working with over 110 inspirational teachers at the British Council’s ‘Enriching Education’ workshop in Trivandrum, Kerala in the South of India. Teachers came from all over the sub-continent to learn about a variety of teaching techniques that would enable them to enhance the curriculum at their school.

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