Honduras: The Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School goes to Paraguay

or: What first time travelers took away from our annual “Education that pays for itself” conference

Yes, it is this time a year again…not only time to dress up for Halloween, but also to jump on a plane and take part in the Annual Teach a Man to Fish conference; after last year’s “Education that pays for itself” conference had brought together people in Tanzania, the 2013 edition was launched last week in Paraguay.

Uganda: School Business takes advantage of Marketing Opportunity

Last month “Mackay Troupe”, the school’s entertainment business, were hand-selected by the chair-lady of KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority) to perform at the annual Kampala City Carnival that took place on the 6th october. The Business Manager Simon, along with Marketing Officer, Janie, were extreemly exited as this was not only a great platform to showcase the talent , but a brillian opportunity to promote the school business!

Uganda: Meet Mackay's Students: Richard Ssentongo

Richard Ssentongo is one of Mackay Memorial College’s prominent students who has been able to apply business skills learnt from school and home into running a successful business selling personalised bangles; Hope Foundation. He is a bright student who will play a prominent role in the school’s Poultry & Egg Business which will help him develop his  business skills. Teach A Man To Fish interviewed Richard to discover more about his innovative business.

Honduras: What do students at the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School think?

You are finally getting constant blog updates from our Honduras project again!
And I – I, that is Christine, the former Tourism Officer at La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School in Nicaragua – already had the pleasure of welcoming visitors to Honduras in my first month here: our sister organisation Fundación Paraguaya paid a visit to the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School. During their visit Mariane, Luis and me also had the chance to sit down with a group of students from two areas to talk about what they think about the school.

Meet La Bastilla's Students: Juana Rosa Gutierrez

Juanita Rosa Gutierrez, one of La Bastilla’s prominent students has definitely made the most of her two year experience thus far. She is the perfect example of a promising adolescent in Nicaragua who takes advantage of future-benefitting programs and understands the importance of the educational and leadership opportunities available.

Nicaragua - Cheese production during Paola's first week at La Bastilla

Hello everyone, I’m Paola and I’m the new Field Officer at La Bastilla Technical School.

I’ve moved in this week and I’ve been meeting people and visiting the different businesses since then. On Thursday I had the chance to make cheese with the students, so today I’d like to share this experience with you.

Global Glimpse Visits La Bastilla

Over the past month, the La Bastilla school and businesses have played host to Global Glimpse; a non-profit organisation that fosters leadership skills in young American students through its unique community service programme in developing countries.  Groups of 20 students visited La Bastilla on 3 separate occasions to participate in Global Glimpse’s “Work Like a Local Day”.  The aim of the  day  was to allow the young Americans to experience what life is like for our students here at La Bastilla, and furthermore, to provide them with an insight in

Uganda: Schools embrace the School Enterprise Challenge!

Our Uganda Field Officer Jenny has been travelling across the country running workshops for Schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge

We have had over 100 teachers from Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools from districts as varied as Kabale, close the Rwanda boarder and Kitgum, close to South Sudan, attend the workshops. This has resulted in 117 schools in Uganda regsitering to take part in the competition!

Just published: final report on UNESCO e-Forum conference on ICTs for TVET

"What are the implications of the ICT revolution for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)?" This question attracted 247 participants from 74 countries to come together online for 2 weeks on the UNEVOC e-Forum and&n

Uganda : Business Planning in Kampala!

After sending representatives to our Uganda workshop series and the Education That Pays for Itself conference in Njombe Tanzania in 2012, Mackay Memorial College entered into a partnership with Teach A Man To Fish to plan and launch two new businesses.

The large  secondary school in Nateete, a suburb of Uganda’s capital Kampala, has over 1200 students aged 11-20, and is part of the government USE (universal secondary education) programme, which means that the students pay very low fees, however it also results in the school receiving very little funding.

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