Uganda: New Field Officer Fran arrives in Uganda!

In Feburary 2014 Fran Ryan joined Teach A Man To Fish in Uganda, here is her account of her first week working at our partner school Mackay Memorial College

On arriving in Kampala on Sunday afternoon, Jenny, the current Field Officer in Uganda, and two of the teachers from our partner school, Mackay Memorial College, came to meet me at the airport. They took me for traditional fish and chips by Lake Victoria, which was a lovely welcome after a long flight!

Uganda: Mackay students are preparing to start their new business

Students at our partner school Mackay Memorial College in Nateete, Kampala have been working with their teachers to prepare for the launch of their egg & poultry business. On Saturday 8th February , the students who had volunteered to lead the and eggs & poultry business met with their teachers, Mr Godfrey Mihingo (Business Manager) , Miss Catherine Nakabugo and Mr Ssonko Ssenjemba, and Jenny, the Teach A Man To Fish Field Officer.

Honduras: Let the school year begin!

After a 2 month holiday, the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School is buzzing full of life again. At 8am on the dot the morning group of students from all technical areas and the secondary school, flock around the sunlit school yard to listen to the director Jonhny’s welcoming speech.

Nicaragua: Past graduates - where are they now?

We were interested to learn more about the lives of our La Bastilla graduates once they leave school, so we invited students who finished in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to join us at a meeting in Jinotega town to catch up with them and celebrate their achievements!  

We were so delighted with their experiences after leaving school that we wanted to share some of their stories with you!

Carlos José Herrera

Uganda:The team at Mackay are getting ready to launch the businesses!

While the students are on their holidays, the Business Managers and their team at Mackay have been working hard to get the businesses ready to launch when term begins in February. The first stage of preparations has been the spending and tracking of start-up capital.

Business Manager Simon and the new instruments 

Honduras: A new era begins – how the new car mechanics centre opened its doors to the public

After a lengthy building process, a fairly high initial investment and the restless search for the fitting providers, today is the day: the Lubricentro Peña Blanca is celebrating its official opening!

Uganda: Teacher Profile: Simon Mukambwe

Simon Mukamabwe is one of Mackay Memorial College senior and prominent teachers. He has worked in the school for eight years and his passion for cultural and student success has been evident from the very beginning. It was because of his passion and ability to engage the students that he was made Business Manager of the school business - Mackay Troupe.

Nicaragua: First round of internships for third year students

In October for the first time, the third year students from La Bastilla Technical School left the school for a fortnight and immersed themselves in internships in different locations. Most of the boys went to different agricultural and coffee farms, while the only two girls went to a Restaurant (as one of them is the hotel monitor) and the other one to a Dairy Plant, as she has been specializing in this field.

Uganda: Teachers embrace workshop on business implementation

On Saturday 23rd November, 28 teachers from 22 different schools across Uganda gathered to take part in a School Enterprise Challenge workshop in Kampala. The workshop, titled ‘How to implement your Business Plan with the School Enterprise Challenge’ was designed to support schools taking part in the competition to launch and develop their school businesses.

Sara's Volunteer Experience: Here's What I've Done, What Can You Do?


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